Monday, November 5, 2018

Weekend Recap (Continuing to Follow The Joy Edition)

Good Morning Friends and Happy Monday!  I am heading off to the gym in a few but thought I would fill you in on our weekend first!

Friday Night

Eva and I, along with the Fournier Girls, grabbed dinner at a fun Mexican cafe called Shorty's then headed over to the Derryfield School to see our friend Caden in Bye Bye Birdie.  Diana and Daddy met us there after Nutcracker rehearsal.  He was fantastic as both one of the teenagers and parents!


I was able to convince Robby B to bring down some of my holiday bins from the attic and when he and Eva took off for hockey, I did start decorating.  It makes me so happy and I figured why not get extra time with the coziness....I truly #FollowedTheJoy...I decorated...drank coffee...and kept the Hallmark movies on in the background...pure bliss!

Later it was time for me and Diana to head to Nutcracker rehearsal where I got hair and makeup lessons....so fun and at the same time stressful...you just need to get it right!  Snapped a quick pic of Diana and one of her dance pals....

That night, Diana and Eva headed to Mimi and Papa's.  My mom took Diana to see the new Nutcracker movie and they raved about it.  Jill and I are going to take the girls too- can't wait!  While they were at the movies, Papa took Pidge to get ice cream and see the lights at Jordan's Furniture...and while there...bumped into our family- Aunt, Uncle and Cousin...Eva had a blast!

and meanwhile...we had a much needed date night!  Yeah!  Dinner at Burton's Grill and then A Star is Born...we loved it...I cried for half of the movie...a definite winner and a great night with my love!

 Oh Bradley Cooper...you are my fave...(insert heart eyes emoji here)


It was time for mass and organizing then we all headed to Kayla, Marshall and Diana's new pad.....had a lovely time and LOVE their new place...close to the city...so new and modern...had a great time catching up and snacking and felt so proud of Kayla....she has become such a great young lady and SO grown up!

Last night, I enjoyed the coziness of the lights along with the warmth of my Christmas Eve candle....in my office with a few more Hallmark movies...can you blame me? 

It was a great weekend...what were you up to?


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Your tree looks great! I LOVED A Star is Born too. I saw it twice and cried all the way through the second time. Have a great week!

Rechelle said...

Oh I just love the coziness of Christmas decor!!! Glad you got to enjoy a date night out too, a perfect little weekend :)

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