Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Favorites (Short and Sweet Edition)

WOO HOO! It's.....

 Let's hear it for my favorite day of the week.....
Linking up, as always, with Erika, Andrea and Narci HERE to share some faves from our week.....

 Eva's Dance Class

Mimi and I finally got to observe for a few minutes and were so proud of "Pidge" doing her tap and ballet moves...she kills me!  (Side Note: I got spoken to after I snuck this picture- I guess pictures were not allowed- oops!)

 Eva's 1st Hair Cut

We finally did it!  She has been begging us since all of the kids at school have been getting hair cuts and we finally made it happen.  My Hairdresser (or Hair Magician as I like to call her), Claribel, cut and blow dried her hair and it came out amazing...check out the Before...and After...she was very pleased :)

So grown up- I can't take it!

The Nutcracker And The Four Realms

Well the movie was great...fantasy is not my fave but Tchaikovsky's original Nutcracker score helped to make things a little more exciting!   My favorite part of the night, however, was QT with our besties 

Best Pals since 18 months old- grateful

Our Home

My hubby snapped this pic after he blew all of the leaves out of the yard this week- he was proud- I was grateful- every Fall it is a huge project that you have to keep up with- can't just go out once...anyway...this picture made me grateful for our home yet again.....

Starbucks Holiday Cups

and...they're back...enough said!

and...that's a wrap..short and sweet this Friday.....have a wonderful weekend!


Rechelle said...

Eva with her haircut is precious!!! And ugh yes the leaves, looks like you've got quite the yard to upkeep with as well. The oak trees we have typically lose their leaves quite a bit later which means we usually have snow by that time:\ Happy Friday Holly!

Rebecca Jo said...

Starbucks Holiday cups have made me happy all week long too!
OOPS on getting busted snapping a pic - haha - I think it has to do with kid's privacy rights.
Look at that fresh hair on your girl :) So cute

Good Better Best Food said...

Gotta love a fresh haircut. Hope you enjoyed your holiday beverage in your red cups.

Happy weekend girly!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I saw the Nutcracker with my daughter too and while it was not my usual genre either, I still liked it. A lot darker than I expected...but the costumes and set were amazing!!

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