Thursday, November 29, 2018

Meeting Elin Hilderbrand (Again!)

Yes AGAIN!  You can read about my first time meeting her HERE

Elin made her annual stop at The Hampshire House in Boston on Monday night and thanks to Lisa and her research we organized our little trip and this year included Cass too because she loves her books.

The event did not disappoint-beautiful venue, delicious apps and desserts and gorgeous holiday decor.

Elin did something different this year.  She talked more about how she writes and her life and did not read from the book.  I enjoyed that but really wished she had read a chapter to us as I felt that would get me more motivated to finish this one.  I usually do not need help with her novels but because the back drop of Winter in Paradise is St. John and not Nantucket, I am not as excited....anyway, I will finish it...this month...yes!

We enjoyed having her sign our books and take pictures with us and all agreed she is so inspirational and just so fun!

Here is what our night looked like

In the city early enough to grab an app and glass of wine downstairs at Cheers...had to snap a few pics of this famous place :)

and then inside The Hampshire House...so beautiful

There she is! :)

Cass and I got in line to have her sign our books and while Laura held our spot in the room, Lisa came with us to snap our pic!

Waiting in line...


and then it was time for the owner of The Hampshire House, Tom Kershaw, to introduce Elin

and she wow'd us again!

After her presentation, Lisa and Laura went to grab the book and we all got in line again for our group pic!

While waiting in line, we were served the cutest dessert :)

Yeah again!

Another wonderful night with Elin!  Have you met her?  Has she come to your city/town?  Would love to hear your stories too!


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I love seeing authors in person...it gives me an understanding of where they are coming from in their writing. Sounds like a fun and festive night!

Rechelle said...

I'm rather jealous! Looked like a fun night!! I'm with you though, neat to hear her talk about her process but I'd want to hear a chapter of this book too. I'm not sure I would've finished it had I not listened to it in audiobook form. Love Elin, just not this book ;)

Rebecca Jo said...

I would have totally fan-girled out - love her!

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