Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018!

It was another epic Halloween in these parts!  So grateful that the weather held up and we were all able to spend QT with friends and family!

Spooky Days leading up to the big day....Diana participated in her LDA Halloween Dance..so cute and Eva dressed as Wonder Woman at dance class this week and as a Firefighter at school (still so inspired by our Windham Firefighters!) :)

We enjoyed boo'ing a few neighbors and then came home one night to see that we were boo'ed too! The girls were so excited!

I chaperoned Diana's Class Halloween Party and it was the easiest one yet....made me a little sad...as they get older....they get a little less crazy...I know I should just enjoy that!

Then, for the main event, we headed to Nicole's for her fun pizza party and catching up with friends...this group I have met through little Eva...most have kids her age and are either in school with her or in the same prayer group I am in...it was really fun

(First some obligatory front step pictures)

Then at Nicole's.....we caught up with friends AND decorated our golf cart :)

When it was time for Trick-Or-Treating, we all hopped on the golf carts we had rented and had an awesome time zipping around a couple of neighborhoods- Mitchell Pond and Spruce Pond.  I feel like a little kid because I get just as excited as the littles do!

and back at home...counting up the loot!

Well Halloween 2018...you came...we conquered and now we are ready to go full blown HOLIDAY....bring on the Sirius XM and Hallmark EVERYTHING....WE I am ready! XO 


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Looks like a fun night! I LOVE your golf cart:)

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