Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What I Wore Wednesday

I thought this would be a great time to hop on over for the WIWW Linkup.  I haven't participated in awhile and I have some cute pieces to share- most you can still pick up for yourself!  Linking up with Lindsay HERE

This is my last blog post of the week too as we are taking off for the AYC National Cheer Competition in Sunny Florida later today!  Wish us luck!  Will miss you all but promise to bring you a juicy recap next week!

Here are some fashion faves of late....

 Stitchfix top, Fur Snood via Ebay, Black leather jacket (Marshall's 10 years go!) and Bootleg Mid Rise Jeans (INC from Macy's), Leopard Pumps from Zappos 4 years ago

Green Dress from Old Navy 

Pink Uggs Ebay 7 years ago, Mid Rise Bootleg Jeans- INC from Macy's, (same as above), Black Puffer Amazon Black Friday deal last year, Fur Snood via Ebay (same as above)

Lilly Pulitzer Waverly Top in Bright Navy Jungle In Here
I found on Ebay- you may be able to as well!  Also available at Lilly and Zappos among other sites!

I know you really can't see the top here but.... 

Here is a stock photo for a better picture

White Vest from Amazon, Gray top from Athletica, Coffee from Starbucks ;)

and I finally found a way to hide my fitbit- check out this bangle- also blends right in with my jewelry- for the win!  (Teal nails are for Disney/Cheer only) ;)

 That's a wrap! What have you been wearing?


Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

Your fitbit doesn't even look like one! Love it! I finally just changed my band to be a little more stylish but I need to find one like yours!

Good Better Best Food said...

Ok, so I have broken two FitBits (older model about two years ago)...thinking about another one. Where did you get the bangle to cover the FitBit? Cause I love it.


Holly said...

Hi ladies- thanks for your sweet comments! I actually got the bangle for the fitbit right on the fitbit website! You can find other versions on Ebay, Amazon, etc but I didn't want to take any chances. I am LOVING it. I depend on it so much and I wanted to make it stylish- I was so sick of wearing a big rubber band :)

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