Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekend Recap (Holiday Happenings Edition)

What a festive and fun-filled weekend we are coming off of...it was one of those weekends that I didn't want to end...but here we are...Monday morning...and I just want to take a look back at all of the fun


Cass and I met up for our annual holiday lunch.  She surprised me with the most beautiful gift that made me cry.  A trio of Alex and Ani bracelets in rose gold (my favorite) with the message of JOY.  It also brought on the chills- I keep hearing and reading the word joy....and it has happened over the last two weeks...then in mass last night, Father Brian explained that the third week of advent, we light the pink candle and it celebrates all of the joy that Jesus stands for.... all these hints and messages keep reminding me that I need to be grateful for the joy and to look for the joy in everything I do

That night, I hosted our December PTA meeting and we decided to make it more casual and intimate so everyone brought an app or wine and we had a great time while getting our work done :)


It was time for me to get it all done.  After losing a week, I was stressed and ready to make the holiday work happen.  I raced around picking up the rest of the gifts and Rob entertained the girls along with Diana's friend.  I was pleased that it only took me the morning so I could get home and wrap (with Hallmark on in the background of course) Wrapping is almost done but I plan to finish it all tonight!  I was even able to sneak in a quick nap- for the win!

That night, we met up with some friends for dinner.  Our friend Beth Ann, aka "BA", is great at organizing different events and she organized this one back in October!  We hit the newer Copper Door in Salem and all enjoyed delicious meals and plenty of laughs!

We enjoyed a night cap back at Jess and Joe's along with plenty of music and reminiscing- so much fun!

While we were doing that, my parents went into the North End of Boston to a great Italian restaurant called Nico's.  Anyway, I included this pic because I love my parents so much AND I am so proud at how amazing they both look! (I made my mom post a pic on FB so I could see their fun)


We slept in a bit and then I prepared for lunch.  My parents came up for a quick bite and then we all headed to Eva's Family Skate/Holiday Party Event and had a ball.  (Mama got on skates for the first time since college- it wasn't pretty but I wanted to do it for my little nugget). I was the photographer of course and tried to capture as much of the fun as possible.

Last night, we participated in our 3rd Annual Jammie Christmas...separate post coming on that later this week!

 Can't wait to read all about your weekend fun!


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Seriously, Eva on skates might be the cutest thing EVER!!! Sounds like an amazing wknd, and I love those little God moments!!

Holly Osborn said...

Looks like a great weekend! I just pulled my skates out of the closet! I’m slightly terrified to get back out on that ice!!!

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