Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites (December22, 2017)

So...who else is excited for Christmas?  Christmas Eve?  Quality time?  Lots of Fish?  Christmas Morning?  Christmas Day?  Just time alone with family and friends...ME ME ME!!!

It is time for a festive-filled Friday Favorites .....the 2nd to last one of the year...how did that happen?  I will be recapping my year, here, next week...but until then...here are some faves from the week...
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Hostess Gifts

My PTA pals showered me with the most beautiful and unique hostess gifts- ornaments, wine, desserts, recyclable ice cubes for my white wine in the summer,  monogrammed napkins and a few more faves...

Bethany, who I adore, works at Yankee Candle part time during the holidays and had this candle made for me- I laughed and I cherished it immedidately.  Look at the picture?  Hysterical right?  The scent, too, is amazing- Balsam and Clove.  (She said it is their best seller this year!)

and Laura knows I am obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer- she too has started becoming obsessed. She brought me this beautiful Lilly wine stopper- LOVE

Trader Joe's Lemon Ricotta Cheese

So Beth Ann made the most incredible cheese board for our night at Greer's- best I have had!  Anyway, some of the cheeses were from Trader Joe's and one got my immediate attention- Lemon Ricotta.  What?  Oh friends- TO DIE FOR.  I knew right away that my Father-In-Law, too, would be crazy about it.  He is the biggest fan of my mom's ricotta pie at Easter time and this reminded me of it.  SO...given that Trader Joe's is next to my office, I bopped in on Tuesday before work and snagged one for him AND maybe one for me ;)  He was thrilled and loved it as much as I do...Friends...try it...TODAY

My Mom's Presents

Her wrapping is to die for...I always admire the work she puts into her packages...incredible right?

 Facebook Memories

Time hop? My best friend....and worst enemy all in one

Date Night Plus Two

Our week got turned a little upside down but we made the most of it and the girls didn't complain when we had to take them out to do a holiday errand- well, probably because we agreed on dessert at Coldstone Creamery ;)

Heart Shaped Omelet

My hubby rocks- nuff said

Reindeer Top

Snagged it online last year- just makes me happy and makes me feel even more festive ;)

I want to take this moment to wish you all a very blessed and beautiful Christmas and Holiday weekend.  I am thankful for all of you who bring me such happiness in this little corner of my world.  I hope you enjoy some special quality time with family and friends and have memories to last a lifetime.  I know we will be sharing them together here and I look forward to it!

and from our family to yours...Laugh, Play and Jingle All The Way!



Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Merry Christmas Holly! Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us!

Holly said...

Thank you Cara! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family too- so glad we connected!

Holly Osborn said...

Merry Christmas!! Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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