Friday, May 7, 2021

Friday Favorites (May 7, 2021)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a great week :)


As always, linking up for Friday Faves HERE


and sharing some favorites from our week...



Back to the Office

 I went back to my office on Tuesday...first time in a long time...can't wait for everyone to be back next felt felt more normal....this is my set up...

But my favorite part of the day...getting this little video message....

That night I attended a virtual job fair for a board I sit on- pretty cool stuff but long day!

Pieces of Inspiration

Fun with Pidge!


Diana's Reflections Awards Ceremony

Though it was virtual this year, we are still proud and enjoyed everything from home

Pidge's 1st Career Softball Game

and her fans came out in droves ;)

Pool's Open!

That's a wrap- have a great weekend friends and Happy Mother's Day to all of my peeps who are celebrating!


Andrea Nine said...

I’m glad back to the office went smoothly. Love the inspiration. Our oool is open too, we actually got in Sunday but now the Indiana weather is so bad, it’ll be awhile. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

That has to be so nice to be back at the office. Things are starting to feel like normal. Your pool looks so nice! Have a great weekend.

Joanne said...

so many wonderful things to make your week great! How wonderful to be back in the office.

Natasha said...

Glad to hear that back to the office went well. I love the ice cream/sprinkles quote. That's a good one. Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!

Sunshine and Books said...

That’s a great week with so much to celebrate/be proud of!! I am so happy for you to be back in the office!! Before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, I am so jealous of everyone with a pool in their backyard because these are some great pool days! Enjoy them! Happy Mother’s Day! Have a great weekend!

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