Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday Favorites (fireworks edition)


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Here are some faves from this week.....

Jilly Bean

If you see this pretty lady today, wish her a Happy Bday!!  So grateful to have qt with her this week and to know she is part of my tribe....will always be...love her to pieces!

Golf Camp

Diana had a blast at golf camp this week- so glad she did!

Recent Treasures
 Some info/poems/bright notes I am saving....

Town Fireworks Night

One of my favorite nights all year- the event keeps getting bigger and bigger- the kids have a BALL!  There are food trucks and glow necklaces and so much more...they love hanging with their friends and walking around and getting silly AND the adults have fun packing a picnic dinner!  This year did not disappoint!

Work Event

We hosted our first company event...well first in many years and first since I have been with the firm and it was terrific.  I am so proud of the company I work for and my boss never fails to impress me.  I am fortunate and thank God every day!

Red, White and Blue

Life can be so serious...dialed it up a notch this week in preparation for my favorite holiday of the year!!!

That's a wrap!  I hope there is some Red, White and Blue in your future this weekend!!


Rechelle said...

LOVE your festive nails! Diana in her gold skirt/polo is so sweet too! Happy weekend Breton Fam :)

Laura E. said...

What a pretty manicure!! Golf camp looks like a lot of fun, and so does your 4th of July fireworks!

Shannon said...

Wow so much to love! I love how y'all are embracing the outdoors- food trucks, golf, fireworks, etc. Such great summer activities. I love your Fourth of July nails too! The Bible list of verses and the gratitude list are brilliant- will be saving these for reference! have a beautiful weekend Holly!

Lisa said...

When Katie was little we did all her fingers and toes with the cutest flags on them. So fun!! What a great night with the fireworks. You are making some great memories with your kids. Have a great weekend!! XO

Anonymous said...

Stunning story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

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