Monday, July 24, 2023

Hello Monday (July 24, 2023)


Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  Sarah and I are so glad you are here!  Yeah!


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Here is what our little weekend looked like....




Friday Night


 After lunch with Lea, I worked for the afternoon and then got the girls at camp.  Since softball was cancelled, due to a CRAZY thunderstorm which lasted for hours, Daddy headed to his previously scheduled gig and I hunkered down with the girls.  


Well Diana did her own thing and Pidge and Remi snuggled up with me- both scared of the storm


I started watching the current season of Sweet Magnolias and Pidge humored me :)


We started our day with a DATE WALK! 

We laughed so hard because on our way back home, we found a family of turkeys in our yard and if you have been around here for awhile you know I HATE birds...I ran so fast up to the front door and in the house that my blood pressure spiked the way it does when I run or jump at the gym...hey it helped me burn a couple of extra calories- HA!

Exhibit A- eek!

 Rob brought Remi to the groomers and picked up Troy's for us for breakfast- yum!

Then it was softball ALL DAY!  Eva was in the "Dog Days of Summer Tournament" and played three games- her team won ALL three games- it was a great day of softball with pure sunshine and heat too!  My kinda weather :)

Mimi and Papa Pete came to the first game and Papa Bob was there for the duration as always :)

She got the game ball after the 2nd game too!

and these girls know how to have fun on the field- check it out

Diana hung out with her theater friends and they all went to support some friends in their local production of Matilda.


It was time for mass first thing and then more softball for Eva. 

Diana and I headed to Ella's Sweet 16 which was a blast for the kids and some of her Mama's besties :)

Then Diana stayed and I made it to Eva's last game of the day, of the tournament and of her 8U career- they lost in a heart breaker and there were many tears as it was the end of an incredible season with amazing coaches, players and parents which you don't always get!  We were ALL grateful :)

That's a wrap!  What were YOU up to?

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Rightupmyaliway said...

I haven't started watching the new season of Sweet Magnolias, but it's on my to-do list! What a great weekend of softball! Hope you're having a great start to your week!

Amy from www.coffeeandcocktailsatthecasa.com said...

Did they plan and rehearse Cotton Eyed Joe? That always reminds me of New Girl. I love that show so much! Looks like a fun and very summery weekend!

Maria Rineer said...

Awww, sorry the tournament didn't end up with a win but it sounds like the memories from the season were great ones and that's what you'll all remember the most. The sweet 16 party looks like it was a blast. Lucky birthday girl with a birthday in the summer... and a pool! Have a great Monday!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a good weekend! It’s so hard to end a season on a loss but I’m glad Eva played well. The party looks fun!
Did you know I’m very unsure around birds too??? Wild!
Have a great week!
Sarah @ Sunshine & Books

Ruth said...

I love seeing your sunny pics! What a great weekend. Great to hear that Eva had such a great season but sorry to hear that they missed out on a win. I love the video of the girls dancing and having such a fun time on the field!

Astrid said...

I'm so happy for the good weather where you are. I'm scared of thunderstorms and we just had one this afternoon.

So happy to hear of Eva's good softball season, but it's a pity she couldn't end it with a win. It certainly sounds like she had fun though.

Joanne said...

I'm watching Sweet Magnolias right now... only problem was that even with the recap before season 3 I don't remember much about season 2! I know as I start watching more I'll remember and fill in those missing gaps. That sweet 16 sounds like so much fun. Sorry to hear Eva's season didn't end with a win but I do love her grit and determination.

Jennifer Goodwin said...

What a fun weekend! You made me laugh over your turkey story. I hate birds too, and do not trust them since one pooped in my hair twenty years ago! They're scary and unpredictable, especially our state bird in Tennessee, the mockingbird. They literally dive bomb you if you get too close to a nest! I'm dying just thinking about them. 🤣

Jennifer White said...

What a great weekend! Sorry about the tears after softball...what a bummer.

MandyJoyLoves♥ said...

What a cute 16th birthday cake! I'll have to start Sweet Magnolia season 3! Always looking for things to watch.

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