Friday, September 30, 2022

Friday Favorites (September 30, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  We made it!

As always, linking up HERE and sharing some recent faves


and more specifically the Frenchie MEMEs.....

Truth Be Told..We Could Really Create Our Own ;)



My Hubby obliged and got me an awesome little electric fireplace for the bedroom..can't wait for the Christmas Tree to be up in here and the crackling fire....with a Halllmark movie on in the background...Happy Place!



Rehearsal Dinner Dress

I am happy with this dress I got for Kayla and Marshall's Rehearsal/Dinner...can't wait!  Less than a month away :)

Election Season

With Eva running for student council and now joining the team, we encouraged Diana to do the same.  So she is running- she doesn't think she has a good chance but we tried to explain that just putting yourself out there and trying is brave.  Fingers crossed!  This photo is from my junior year in college when I was running for Senior Class President- I shared it with Diana and showed her that I went for it- I lost BUT I had a blast doing it :)  (Gotta love the BIG hair of the 90's)

Caught On Our Ring

"Will ya lift me?  Can we try the fish dive?" This is Diana and her bestie Harry who will be The Nutcracker this year and we laugh at how much she tries to get him to try the lifts....hysterical

40 Years!

Last night, Willmott celebrated 40 years in Boston.  We headed into the big city and to The Bostonia Public House- an amazing local venue- we got to spend time with clients and candidates and celebrate the special firm that we are.  One thing stood out for me and reminded me why I am here- it has been proven that you can be kind and be successful at the same time- truly

That's a Wrap!  Have a wonderful weekend friends...we are getting ready to Hocus Pocus over here...how about YOU?


Andrea Nine said...

That lil fireplace is sooo cute and cozy! You look AHHMAZING In that dress!!!

Good Better Best Food said...

Kind and successful is a very rare combination. Cherish it. Dang girl, that dress is amazing on you!

Happy weekend,

Joanne said...

Love that bedroom fireplace! It will be so perfect some winter. Your rehearsal dinner dress is beautiful and your company event looked fun.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

OH my gosh your fireplace is so cool! It will be so nice this winter! Your rehearsal dinner dress is so pretty! I hope you have a great weekend!

My Glittery Heart said...

I get stuck on the Frenchie reels! They are my favorite! HA

Anonymous said...

What a great list of favorites!! Your fireplace looks so cozy! I love that you’re encouraging your girls to put themselves out there and setting such a great example with your life!! That engagement party dress is gorgeous!! Have a great week! -Sarah, sunshine & books

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