Thursday, September 1, 2022

1st Day of School 2022!

 Hi Friends!  Yesterday was the first day of school here!  Diana is starting high school...9th Grade...eeek!  How did we HERE?  No clue!  Eva is starting 3rd Grade.

Diana was very nervous and Eva was super excited!

Our advice?  As always, "Work Hard, Be Humble, Be Kind!"

 I also reminded them of my 2022 mantra and that is "MAKE IT HAPPEN!"

It was so refreshing to have a "normal" start again after a few years- every student in person- NO masks- Praise God and lots of excitement and anticipation for the endless opportunities and new beginnings!

We started the day with our obligatory chalk board photos of course...Eva even bounced out of bed early to get some pics with her big sister before she was off on the bus :)

Then I made them a festive breakfast of "Pencil Waffles" and Energy Balls

Time to Change Up Our Plate- we are ready for school!

I also prepped a few things for our surprise and special First Day of School Dinner


 Rob drove Diana to the bus stop because it was raining and then he made me cry with a sentimental post on FB...here is the shot he got...the days can be so slow but the years go by so fast...

Then it was Eva's turn!

Once the girls were off, Mama got picked by Lisa and joined some besties for breakfast to mourn 
celebrate the start of school ;)

 After that I did some work...I had taken the day off but given I have been in and out with working and recovering, I need to keep the train moving...that's just the life of a recruiter :)

Later on.....


Our Dinner was......


 An Italian Feast- Chicken Parm, Beth Ann's Baked Ziti, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread in our very own Italian Cafe :)

 It was a great first day for the girls- Diana considered it a success because she "didn't get lost" in the big high school and Eva had a blast of course ;)

and as much as I laugh at this meme every year.....


 I will truly miss my girls...we spent so much sweet time together this summer...it wasn't an exciting one but it was a quality one...I will never forget it...will always cherish the QT we shared....I will also say it again...it is a true privilege to raise these girls....I wish them an amazing school year! XO


Maria Rineer said...

Great pictures of the first day and of how you made the first day of school special for your girls. It sounds like your high school is large like ours is. I asked my friend whose daughter just started high school how she liked school and my friend said that her daughter only reported getting lost once so she considered it a success ;). Such a hard and exciting time for the students and parents! I thought you'd have at least six weeks off of work after your surgery... but on the other hand, understand that work demands can be unrelenting. Hopefully you are getting lots of rest and not working too much.

My Glittery Heart said...

I hope the girls have a great school year!!

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