Friday, September 23, 2022

Friday Favorites (September 23, 2022)


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Sorry for being MIA....slowly healing as I work from home and work my way back to normal...couldn't let today go by, though, without popping by to say HI!

Sharing some recent faves....glimmers of joy and can't wait to see yours!  Linking up, as always, HERE for Friday Favorites!

Trader Joe's!

Fall is my favorite time at Trader Joe's and Rob brought Eva and I one night last week while Diana was at dance.  It was Eva's first time there and she got SO EXCITED...she picked out so many healthy snacks but her faves ended up being these awesome little breakfast smoothies...she is already demanding to go back- ha!

Here are a few faves that I snagged....


I love Nordstrom any time of the year but they have been on point with their fall sweaters...check this one out...can't wait to wear it!


Fall Scents

So I have two new favorite fall scents thanks to my bestie Laurel.  She gifted me one last year and one this year for my birthday and I can't get enough of either..I think they both are powerful and have the perfect amount of spice and lasting power for the beautiful fall days we have!

The first one is Cedre Atlas by Atelier 

and the second one is Peony & Blush Suede by Jo Malone

My Girls

I am proud of how well my girls are settling into the new school year especially with all of the chaos of my surgery and scares at home...they are rocking it...taking school seriously...making great friends and also learning how to serve and give back..my heart is bursting...I am also excited that we have started to meet some parents of Eva's friends finally who are also becoming great friends!  I love our town :)

My Health

Well this certainly has not been a fave this past year BUT I am on my way...this week's blood test showed improvement...it is not back to normal yet but my doctor is pleased with my progress....I am being monitored over the next few weeks and hope to be back to normal by mid October...can't wait to go back to yoga and more of my normal routine but I am listening to my body and the doctors and doing what I am supposed to do!  It helps when your bestie buys you the comfiest blanket ever ;)


and when I can sleep over 8 hours...doesn't happen alot but makes the world of difference with my energy!

That's a wrap!  I hope you all enjoy a beautiful fall weekend!


Joanne said...

Glad you are slowly making your way towards feeling normal and better! I know it's been a long recovery road for you.

Tanya said...

It sounds like you are really on your way to recovery. What was the smoothie from trader joe's? Maybe the picture didn't show up? I would love to recommend to my daughter. Have a good (restful) weekend.

Maria Rineer said...

I hope you get lots of R&R! It sounds like you're getting there health wise. Love the pictures of your girls. My girls love to go to Trader Joe's. We don't have one in town so we have to drive a little ways to get to the nearest one- that makes it a little more special ;). I have never found those leaf shaped tortilla chips at our TJ's. I need to go again soon and see if ours has them. I hope you have a great weekend enjoying the scents and beautiful temperatures of fall.

Jennifer White said...

Love the Trader Joe's haul...and that you've had a better week. Keep on taking it easy.

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