Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What's Up Wednesday: July 2021


Hi Friends!  I CANNOT BELIEVE it is the end of July...seriously!  This is my favorite post of the month so let's get started!  I am answering the questions above...




What We're Eating This Week


Monday- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Cornbread (Requested by Diana so how could I say no?)

 I used THIS recipe

Tuesday- Taco Bowls and Corn and Bean Salad for M&D


Find my Recipe HERE


Wednesday- Chicken Caesar Salads and Garlic Bread 

Thursday- We are winging it- it may be the night of the girls' show but since it is outside and it may rain, it may get pushed to Friday so we are saying Take Out

Friday- Rain Date for Show so either way we are going out to eat



What I'm Reminiscing About


The way things used to be...past relationships...seasons in life...all meant to be...all part of the plan...sometimes just hard to accept



 What I'm Loving


My girls' ages...this summer I dubbed it "The Sweet Spot"...wanting to freeze time...knowing I can't...


What We've Been Up To

We spent 4th of July Weekend Up at the McLain's Lake House with Besties....

and the McLain's had us up the following weekend too for boating and fun with more besties

Diana attended an AAB Summer Intensive Virtually with her Dance Besties

and then enjoyed Film Camp the following week...

Eva LOVED Cooking Camp!

Though it is not the same this year, both girls are enjoying Triple Threat Theater Camp... they are doing things half filmed and half live and will be demonstrating excerpts from Annie, Godspell, Hadestown, and Neverland



Date Walks have continued...


and so has my time at the gym...both for my physical and mental health...

Janie and I had our first pow wow/business lunch in over a year and a half!

Checking things off of our summer list including Eva's sleepover with BFF Kyla...crazy cats were up until 2am!


Eva returned to hockey!

Business is still booming...very grateful...

but we did get to take a little time out of the office to celebrate surviving COVID...Our Little Engine That Could enjoying a night in Beantown

We celebrated Karen's 70th with a beautiful birthday lunch...

and we loved watching Caden as Aladdin in his summer theater production

Diana, with the help of Mrs. Mullen and Wesley, auditioned for the Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular

In Mama's spare time, I have been working with the committee on organizing the 10th Annual Blackout Cancer Game

We have been LOVIN' on Remi

Mama enjoyed a Halloween-Themed Wine Group at Lea's

and we had a blast at the Camp Ground again this year with a stop on the way home at Maine Diner!

What I'm Dreading

Nothing at the moment!

What I'm Working On

My Health- Balance- My Job- oh and Blackout Cancer!



What I'm Excited About


The rest of summer....time with besties....time at the beach....more fun with my girls...our Anniversary at Fenway Park...excited for it all!


 What I'm Watching/Reading

I devoured Seasons 1 and 2 of 


Never Have I Ever on Netflix

 such a cute show!

and watched the first 3 episodes of 


Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy

Oh friends...my goal is to get to Italy for my 50th and Stanley Tucci made me start obsessing...I started pinning the recipes he made with chefs on the show too...I can thank my friends, the Mazzoranas for turning me onto this series...incredible!



and our same friends turned us on to 

Kevin Can F Himself


Very unique concept...half sitcom...half dark drama...it just works...don't know how else to describe it...


 I snuck in three books this month too..finishing up the third and devouring it!

The Last Summer of Elin Hilderbrand continued with her short story, sequel to 28 Summers, called

The Sixth Wedding


Quick read- cute- but nothing can compare to 28 Summers

The next book for this month has been my FAVORITE OF THE YEAR...I know I know...it is risky saying this and committing but it was truly amazing....

Jennifer Weiner's new release

That Summer

Really great story that addresses the womens' movement with the beautiful backdrop of Cape Cod...I gifted my friend Jill this just last week and she flew through it and really enjoyed it...so glad!  Grab it today...you won't be sorry!

and I am finishing up my third read of the month and REALLY loving it....such a cute concept...


The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren



What I'm Listening To

Well some recent favorites we all have and get listened to in the car include

Ed Sheerin's Bad Habits


Olivia Rodrigo's Good For You

and we found the Sirius XM On Broadway Channel so that has been entertaining us as well

What I'm Wearing

 Lots of workout clothes, business casual a couple of times/week and lots of shorts with a sprinkle of Lilly of course :)


What I'm Doing This Weekend

Spending time in the pool with the kids, spending time with the Soul Sisters and their significant others and finally playing in our first golf tournament of the year!  It has been too long!  Very excited for a weekend around home with some of our favorites :)


 What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Fenway Park- Go Sox!!

 What Else is New?

We are grateful that Diana got a clean bill of health- after some funky test results and checking blood, etc..it was determined that this child just needs to drink MORE WATER....we bought a fancy water bottle with reminders on it for her so she now knows she needs to finish the bottle every day....dehydration is no joke and can do some funky things to your system...every day I learn something new!  Just grateful she is ok- thank you for all of your messages- we truly appreciate them XO

 What are you all up to?



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Natasha said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Diana hadn't been feeling well. That's really scary when your kids aren't healthy and you don't know why. Water seems like such a small thing and yet, it is so important. I'm glad you were able to figure out how to help her.

Sunshine and Books said...

Thank goodness Diana will be feeling better with an easy fix of drinking more water. It is so important. You’ve been having so much fun and it sounds like there is no stopping you next month! Way to go on the gym time and date walks!! Have a great day! See you tomorrow for Monthly Musings!

Joanne said...

What a relief to hear that Diana just needs to drink more water; I've been on my boys to drink more water too. I had one that was often getting sick after sports and I pointed out to him that it was most likely dehydration as he often went days without drinking anything other than the milk in his cereal! Other than that health scare it sounds like you have had a wonderful July!

Good Better Best Food said...

Glad your sweet girl is doing Better. We are also loving Finding Italy. I find Stanley Tucci very handsome.

Can't wait for Monthly Musings!

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