Thursday, July 29, 2021

Monthly Musings: Summer Fashion Edition



Hi Friends and thanks for stopping by!  Patty and I are so excited that it is time for our Monthly Musings linkup again.  This month is one of our favorite topics of ALL TIME....Summer Fashion...can I get a what what?  Anyway I digress...ha!


Hope you will answer the questions above and link back up with us...c'mon!  It'll be fun!


Here we go....


1. Bikini, Tankini or One Piece?


Here is my favorite suit from this season


A one piece for me thank you...no one needs to see my muffin top and that is one of my pet peeves really...seeing big ole guts hanging out of two pieces...just not appropriate!



 2. Best Swimsuit I ever owned?

Very similar to the one above...it was a one piece, black and white with mesh inserts from Victoria Secret...so flattering...so beautiful!!



3. White Jeans?  Yes or No?


A Big YES...I wear them all Spring and Summer...they are the perfect accompaniment to anything Lilly OR with a sexy black top and wedges...I think that is probably my favorite summer look!


4. Favorite Pair of Flip Flops?


Easily my Reef Stargazer Flip Flops in Pop Rock- so comfy with a little sparkle :)

5. Must Have Summer Accessory?  

Blenders of Course!

Find them HERE


6. Favorite Summer Fashion Staples


Some we already covered- white jeans, flip flops, sunglasses...I will also include on that list...a little Lilly and a Sea Bag...because that, my friends, is quintessential New England Summer Fashion!


7. Skirts or Shorts?


Both?  I love both but must say this summer...I have been wearing more shorts...



 8. Any Brands that just say summer to you?


If you know me or have been reading for awhile, then you know what I am going to say....


Yes Lilly of course! 



9. Favorite Summer Scent?


Cool Water screams Summer to me...reminds me of the beach...


 Some Summer Runner Up Scents Include: J'Adore, Clhoe Nomade, Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom, Miami Glo by JLo and Tory Burch


10. Do I switch my handbag in summer?


Yes!  I switch my handbags all the time depending on the occasion...if I need to be hands free then I will strap on a crossbody and if I need to carry several things, one of my Louis Vuitton Never Fulls is on tap...the Damier Azur for Spring and Summer of course


So what are some of your summertime fashion staples?  This was FUN! 






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Good Better Best Food said...

Oh I love that black swimsuit. Your kinda short, long torsoed friend wishes she could pull this off!

I love our link up! It was such a stress reliever to me last night.


Sunshine and Books said...

Holly, that suit is gorgeous! I love seeing all of your Lilly! You have the best white jeans combos! I need to try to pull together some of those looks! Thanks for hosting! Have a great day!

Tanya said...

I love that suit and the flip flops too. Reef sandals are so comfy! I totally agree about seeing some people in 2 piece suits...just more than I need to see! :) Thanks for the fun linkup!

Maria Rineer said...

You have great style! I love the East Coast vibes- you represent your area well :).

Joanne said...

Yep, I swap my bag out often too; I have some crossbodies and backpack purses when I want to be hands free, big bags when I have lots, and mini bags when I just want my wallet and keys. That suit is beautiful! I had a black one like that with white trim and mesh panels that I just LOVED when I was in college.

Memphis Bridges said...

Cute flip flops! I had a pair by that brand once and they were super comfortable.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

I have yet to find a pair of white jeans I love. But you look fabulous in your jeans!!

Jennifer White said...

I’m definitely a one piece girl too! Your sunglasses are so fun! I love white jeans too. Easy to dress up or down! I love this MM topic :)

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