Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Gratitude

for the opportunity to watch Zach place high school sports...the years are winding down and I have loved watching every minute

for the ability to help Ally with her studies and pray that my help will only help her to grow and be the best she can be

for quality family time especially being able to watch Kayla in a theatrical performance...nothing can replace passion

for quality time with our rents over a great meal

for 33k...weekly spread...record numbers being hit...

for working out...and for a partner who is the greatest coach

for starting to be able to say no...not this time...and really enjoy the feeling

for being able to focus on me...because of a very supportive husband


Holly said...

I agree, I think the ability to know when to say no to some commitments and events is really important. Overloading yourself to the point where you can't give anything the attention it deserves it never helpful.

Eri said...

Honest and Sweet Words! <3 Hugs!

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