Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Overnight in Boston with Mum!

So My mom and I had a tradition of doing an overnight in Boston every Christmas season. Over the last few years, we have not been able to go for one reason or another.

This year, we were able to do it and I am so glad. We had a ball. We also did it the right way. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on a big, heavy dinner and feel gross after...we decided to go bar hopping and stick to light apps.

After much thorough internet research by yours truly, I planned our itinerary and we did not stray. The time went by way too fast but we did enjoy every minute!

We stayed at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel which was decorated in every corner for the holidays- it was just beautiful (enjoy the pix!)

Once we checked in, we quickly hailed a cab (as it was 9 degrees and too cold and windy to walk) over to the Taj Hotel. The TAJ bar was previously part of the Ritz and a must see if you are in Boston. During the Fall and Winter months, Thursday through Sunday nights, they have a fantastic bar special. If you order a cocktail or a glass of champagne, you get a free appetizer and their food is wonderful. So we settled down near the fire, on some comfy chairs at a small table and ordered pomegranate martinis...we then enjoyed the best rizzotto balls AND funky chicken kabobs. The Taj also puts out a three-tiered nut and snack tray that we pretty much demolished too.

After the Taj, we headed over to Bar 10 which is in the Westin at Copley Place. What a funky place! I loved the atmosphere...I enjoyed a very good mojito and Mum ordered a Mai Tai...hysterical!

Our last stop of the night was the M Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Boylston St. Such a contemporary place and just the coolest. It was dessert time, so I had a chocolate chip martini and mum had a snifter of brandy. After that, we were ready for bed but not before we met an Italian and an Irish friend...who started talking to us about the Farrelly brothers from RI...well then.

The next morning we slept in (which neither of us do) and woke up pretty hung over...instead of going to the gym as we had planned...we took our time getting ready and then had a wonderful breakfast at Pairings (right at the Park Plaza)...the space was formerly taken by Todd English's Bonfire which has since gone out of business. We were very impressed with Pairings though. The decor is much brighter and more contemporary now with silver and taupe accents.

I had the best eggs benedict and mum had a very good breakfast sandwich...both were accompanied by very tasty hashbrowns and some very strong hotel coffee- yo ho!

We cannot wait for our trip next year...where shall we stay and go...oh the possibilities!


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