Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bill's Annual Christmas Party in York

and I have to say...it was my favorite...we just had a great time relaxing with some of my work friends...Diana had a blast running around with so much room to move and Bill stirs up a fantastic drink...ha ha!!!

Tonight reminded me again of how lucky I am to still have my job and not only that, to have the flexibility that Bill gives me to raise our daughter...I know I have proved myself...I get the job done no matter where I am but it is nice to know that I am trusted to do so...and I think Diana has already picked up on that...she LOVED Bill and went right to him!


Jenny Wren said...

I get sad sometimes that I don't get to continue my legacy there with Billy & the gang...but I am also so proud of you. You don't realize how I feel that I referred you there and you have nailed it. Rock on.

I am also afraid my world just got even SMALLER though because I believe I know that girl in the pix- is it Jill, no another name- she worked at tanning salons. I know her! We have to dish. xox

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