Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Ahh...the magic..one of my favorite days all year.

Rob, Monk and I started the day by visiting all of our grandparents at their various cemeteries and then I made a special visit to Anissa. That was a tough one.

After that, we headed over to Mimi and Papa's and Diana had a blast eating her first Christmas cookie.

Later, mass was a challenge to say the least! We have been going to mass in shifts and on Christmas Eve we really didn't have a choice so we braved mass at St. Pat's all together, in Stoneham, with Mimi, Papa, Uncle Matt and Auntie Gina.

That is where our Griswold holiday started. I had gone to Old Navy at 7am when they opened to pick up a few last minute items...one of them being a "men's red tee" for Rob to wear under a blazer. Well he concluded the tee was actually a woman's and we had so many laughs. He ended up wearing it under his blazer.

We get to church and he jumps into a snow bank, trying to help me get out safely and ends up getting salt all over his blazer...he couldn't take the jacket off as we already know about his tee shirt dilema...so he took the blazer off and put on his winter coat.

Then after carrying Monk into church and determining that her new shrug was shedding all over all of us, he looks down and sees that his coat is covered in fur....too funny.

He ended up going back to the car, grabs the blazer and washes it off in the men's room.

While all of this is going on, Diana was so restless and ended up being that restless for the whole hour and a half mass....

Anyway after mass, we were exhausted but quickly gained a second wind when we got to Auntie Peggie's...the master of Christmas Eve....there was so much seafood going around....laughs being had and Uncle Bill's awesome Kahlua Martinis....we had a ball...we even think that this was the best year ever!!


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