Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Favorites


Happy Fall Friday Friends!  Yeah!  The magic is in the air right?



We have a fun filled weekend on tap but before we get to that, I want, as always, to share some faves from our week with you.  Linking up HERE for Friday Favorites....




Time With Pidge

My little reading superstar....and she has also taken a keen interest in our faith/ccd lessons too....warms my heart!



Field Hockey

Most of the games have been on the road and due to Covid and the NHIAA laws, parents cannot attend away games...so we got to see Diana play in her first two games in September and didn't get to attend again until Wednesday...my parents came up to watch her too...such a great game...she played well and they won!  They are now headed to the play offs next week- woohoo!


Supporting her sister but not happy about it ;)



7th Grade = Mum you are so embarrassing ;)


With Mimi and Papa :)


 Festive Fun!


Cass gave me one of the new Built Bars to try and I am in LOVE...this Pumpkin  Chocolate Chip one is to DIE for and only 130 calories- FTW!


This meme cracked me up...my brother wore this exact costume!


When my parents came over this week, I put out this festive veggie plate..."candy corn" platter with hummus


Catch our new Haunted House Charm on our Happy Plate!

and this is my personal "Pinterest Fail"

This is what I was trying to make...

 and this is how they turned out....was trying to do half ghosts and half pumpkins....insert eye rolling emoji here- ha!


Like my sweatshirt?  I do too :)

Whipped up these "Candy Corn Jello Shots" for Tom's 50th Birthday- have to celebrate our "Captain" the best way we know how....

and played with some Snapchat filters so I have a Halloween pic ready to go so I can do my own terrorizing- ha! 



 I tried Shay's Recipe for Ghost Water....Rob and I LOVED it...what a spooky...strong cocktail...make sure you are staying in for the night if you give this one a shot ;)

One addition to our front steps....could you blame me?


 Christmas Prep?

Oh yes friends...I think we could all use some extra joy this year so things have been purchased (thank you Amazon Prime Day) and Hallmark movies are set to tape...I am ready...next Sunday it's gonna get real- ha!

Fave MEMEs of the Week

Not really a meme but isn't this hysterical  I ordered them for Thanksgiving..can't wait to surprise Rob...this is his kind of hokey humor- ha!

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful fall weekend friends- stay healthy and safe! XO


Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

That drink looks very yummy! And I love the new addition to your porch. The memes had my laughing as well. I for sure had pictures tacked up all over the place in college.

Joanne said...

I do remember those plastic-like costumes and that most of us were walking around in rags by the end of the night since it would inevitably rip wide open at some point!

Bri Runde said...

So many great favorites! Loved reading your entire post!! Your daughter warmed my heart hearing that she is taking an interest in her faith and CCD! Precious girl! Love your pumpkin shirt!!! Hope you have the best weekend, Holly!

Maria Rineer said...

That veggie “candy corn” will be perfect to eat as part of our Halloween dinner (along with that cheese ball pumpkin you posted about recently). It’s crazy that you can’t go to away games. Does that apply to high school sports as well? It’s exciting that your daughter’s team is moving ahead. I hope you get to watch some of the games!!

Tanya said...

YES to that wall of pictures and the 80s/90s hair too! I laughed out loud at your pinterest fail! Love the Happy Everything plate and attachment! Have a wonderful weekend! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

Sunshine and Books said...

Oh Holly, nothing makes me happier than kid proud of their reading! Way to go Eva!! You have some great favorites here! I can’t wait to try the ghost water and I love your candy corn veggie tray! Congratulations to Diana, the playoffs are exciting! Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer White said...

The veggie candy corn platter is such a fun and festive idea ��

Pamela said...

I'm pretty sure I had that Casper costume!

Natasha said...

Okay, I had other comments but those Thanksgiving shirts erased them all from my mind! I LOVE those shirts!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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