Thursday, October 29, 2020

Monthly Musings: Thanksgiving Preview Edition


Hi Friends!  Patty and I are glad you stopped by!  Hope you will join our fun linkup.  Today we are talking all things Thanksgiving.  If you blogged too, linkup with us at the bottom of the post...can't wait to read all about your traditions!  



Here are our questions this month....


 and here we go.....


1. Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions?


My favorite traditions happen all Thanksgiving Weekend Long...from our traditional breakfast with the Fournier girls to Thanksgiving Eve with Friends and Family, to the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Morning with all of the kids to our small and intimate Thanksgiving Dinner with our parents to Black Friday with Cass to Nutcracker all weekend!


This year, things will look a little different...Nutcracker won't be happening so I am trying to fight that sadness...if all goes as planned, we will be taping the weekend of November 12th and it will be ready for viewing by December 4th....our Thanksgiving Eve will look much different and be MUCH smaller...but here is to modifying our events to keep our traditions going while we all try and stay healthy and happy! 


 2. Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe?

This would have to be Mashed Potato Bread Stuffing

My Mom originally cut this recipe out of the Boston Globe (newspaper) years ago!  You can find it HERE



 3. Football Game?  Yes or No?  In person or on  TV?

Oh this one...was one of my favorite traditions growing up...I cheered so the Thanksgiving Day Football Game was always my favorite and my family made it part of our Thanksgiving every year.  When Rob and I started dating, we took the kids to our rival game- our two high schools used to play each other on Thanksgiving every year- they don't anymore....

In NH, there are no Thanksgiving Day games...I tried to help our Athletic Director get one started when Zach was playing football but none of the surrounding towns would cooperate so boo....

Anyway, as a family, we replaced the football games with the Annual Turkey Trot in town...it is a walk/run that raises money for local soup kitchens and half of the town always shows up!  I have come to love this tradition when all of the kids are home and we get going in the cold!


*This year's trot is virtual so I am making it happen for our family- I have mapped out our route and bought some funny attire and the whole fam is super into it- can't wait!

So now...when we talk football...it is on tv...and the guys will watch the games



 4. Talking Turkey- White Meat or Dark Meat?

White all the way for me! :)

5. Do I call it stuffing or dressing?

Stuffing all the way...I think dressing is a southern thing right?

6. Three Things I am Thankful for during this Crazy COVID Thanksgiving?


Our Health, Our Family, Our Jobs...plain and simple...we have been on the other side of this, this past year and we are exhausted and just grateful...plain grateful to be where we are now



7. Pumpkin Pie?  Apple Pie?  Pecan Pie?


Apple...because Robby B makes the best one around!



8. Yes I celebrate Christmas AND ALL of the trees go up on November 1st...I blame the Nutcracker but this year, even more, we need all of the lights and JOY Christmas decorations bring



9. Black Friday Shopper?  Yes or No?


YES...never used to be BUT my bestie Cass roped me in one year and now we have made it our annual tradition and it is one of my favorite days ALL YEAR...we have so much fun...we start at 5am!  We grab coffees at Starbucks...shop...grab breakfast...shop and then end with a fun lunch....I CANNOT WAIT...we said if for some reason we are shut down this year, than we will make it a virtual day and shop from our computers...hey...we are all about keeping our traditions alive even if they may look different this year!



10. Do we sit at the table this year for Thanksgiving?  


YES...always...we are typically in the dining room because it is our small group of Rob, me, the girls and then our parents and my brother.  This year, we need to go to two tables because the Batsons will be joining us...so I am making an ever-famous "Kid Table" in the kitchen and the adults will be in the dining room...we are so excited to be able to share this holiday together...there has been too much stress and sadness in our families and we are looking forward to sharing gratitude and joy together!

 Can't wait to read all about your traditions!










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Natasha said...

I love all your fun Thanksgiving traditions and that your family is so into helping you recreate your run! I hope you have so much fun!

Joanne said...

I used to attend the football game when I was in high school too but only for those few years myself and my sister were in the school; somehow once I no longer knew any of the players standing in the freezing cold watching guys fight over a ball lost it's appeal. I love how you have adapted your traditions for this year!!

Memphis Bridges said...

Sounds like some great traditions all the way around! Thanks for hosting!

Good Better Best Food said...

Mashed potato bread stuffing...how do I not know about this??? Rob's pie looks amazing. I love that you went to rival high schools.

So blessed you are my partner in Monthly Musings!


Bri Runde said...

How fun that we were both cheerleaders back in the day. I knew we could be good, good friends, Holly, haha! You have so many fun Thanksgiving traditions!

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

We do a Turkey Trot too and I will need to make a virtual plan as well! I am wondering if there will be any Black Friday shopping.

My Glittery Heart said...

Fun traditions!! I use to be a crazy black friday shopper but now I am NOT! I don't even go out in that mess anymore! HA

Rajani Rehana said...

Fabulous blog

Diane said...

Love the outside view of your house lit up for Christmas—just how I imagine holidays in the northeast! Hugs from Waco 💚💛🐻.

Pamela said...

Great post! How do you do your virtual trot? Your family still walks/runs but just not part of a larger group?

Sunshine and Books said...

I love that you are making your traditions work this year!! I also love that you have so many family and friends events over Thanksgiving weekend! That’s the best! Oh, and save me a piece of that apple pie! It looks so yummy!

Katie Brewer said...

Your stuffing looks amazing! Can you tell me what “stuffing bread” that the recipe calls for is? Is it a specific type of bread? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question. 😂

Holly said...

@pamela- yes exactly! I mapped out a route in our neighborhood...the usual huge group usually meets up at a street in town and does the same route but not this year:)

Holly said...

@Katie- it is a bread that is available around Thanksgiving and Christmas time at our local grocery store called "Market Basket"- I think you could use whatever kind of bread you want though...I think a sourdough would also work really well OR even a multigrain loaf!

Michael said...

That's exactly the way my mom and I used to BF shop! It really is so much fun!

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