Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Favorites


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  It is a Friday...in the fall which means it is....



Woohoo!  As always, sharing some faves from our week and linking up with the lovely ladies HERE



Fave MEMEs of the Week



Posted this 8 years ago and still true today!


and this one, yes on a bathroom wall...just needed to be captured!

Eating The Rainbow



Fave Recent TV

Ok...things started getting more interesting on Netflix so thought I would share....

Because my husband is obsessed and I promised him I would try it and yup I am just as obsessed as him...have you jumped on the "Cobra Kai" train as of yet?  If you loved The Karate Kid growing up, it is a MUST WATCH...today!

"Emily In Paris"


Another awesome recommendation from my Mama...I am watching a few episodes each night...can't stop...almost done...can't wait for Season 2!  Very cute...and love seeing all of the Paris landmarks...definitely on my bucket list for destinations!



"American Murder (The Family Next Door)"

Oh friends...this one is difficult to watch/listen to....to hear the husband's testimony at the end is just awful...this is the documentary based on the family in Denver, CO.  The Wife/Mom and two girls went missing and then the Dad/Husband finally confessed to killing them...just awful...but I couldn't stop watching...one of those real life crime stories that makes you sick and ask why


Fave Fall Scents

LOVE spicy scents in the fall.....

Ambre Nuit by Cristian Dior

Euphoria by Calvin Klein


We had our first PTA meeting of the year last night.  This is my 5th year as Vice President.  In the early 2000's I spent 4 years as President while my step kids were in school but this time around I am enjoying it so much more and met some of my best friends in this group.  Last night, we met up for dinner and then headed to our meeting.  Meetings right now are a combination of in-person and Zoom to accommodate everyone's needs.....hoping we can do more great things for our schools as the year goes on...fingers crossed!



and coming home to this makes everything worthwhile :)

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful Fall Weekend Friends!


Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said...

That October meme had me nearly spit my coffee out!! And that quote from Pope Francis is on point. Have a fantastic weekend!

Good Better Best Food said...

Some of your memes really hit home to me and some of them made me laugh out loud. I needed both of this today. Happy weekend friend!


Joanne said...

I binged Emily in Paris last weekend and just LOVED it! I went to Paris in high school on a short trip and it was fun to see again.

Natasha said...

The mother-in-law parenting during a pandemic quote made me laugh so hard I almost cried!!! Thank you for sharing some funny memes this Friday!

Andrea Nine said...

I just love your funnies and your food, LOL! Do you know, my kids are pretty much adults but I still love watching them sleep. Have a great weekend beautiful!

Bri Runde said...

Great memes! The reality of the voting one and kindness!!! I haven't heard of Emily in Paris but it sounds like one I'd like. VP of the PTA?! That's big! And president before that?!?! You are awesome!!!!!!

Tanya said...

We are still having our choir booster club meetings via zoom, and I'm hoping we go back to in-person soon! Hope you had a good weekend.

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