Thursday, February 18, 2016

Life Lately (February 18, 2016)

Life Lately.....

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It has been a pretty fun winter, I must say.
We usually hibernate but with the mild weather (for the most part), we have enjoyed getting out with friends and getting together with family

The Soccer Casino Night was a ball
Beth Ann taught me how to play craps and it was a good time catching up with friends from town

Diana showed her super bowl spirit at cheer practice (even though our beloved Patriots were not in it)

Someone loved that these homemade beauties were waiting for her, after school in a very snow day :)

We took the chance to use a gift card we got for Christmas and headed to dinner at the Blackwater Grill in Salem (if you have been reading for awhile, then you know it is one of our favorite places).  We brought Pidge with us while Diana was at a birthday party...cozy Saturday night!

Diana's beloved fish "Erin" passed recently.  She was a "survivor" as we called her.  She outlived the rest of her fish and lived for several years
Here is Erin in her glory

Rob took Diana to get new fish-she picked out two very pretty ones
Pink and Purple of course- their names are Cindy and Maddy :)
 and yes that is a yellow submarine she picked out....Rob's love and passion for the Beatles doesn't rub off on his kids very much (RIGHT!) ;)

We enjoyed lots of Valentine festivities!
Of course Auntie Janie spoiled the girls with treats

and every time Mimi and Papa Pete spoil with treats, they turn into maniacs....ah sisters 

Diana had a blast at her Valentine party at school
She got the cutest little valentine from Mrs. Martin...she is always so creative!!

Jill and I took Alice and Diana to a Mom's club event (that is where we first met).....they got to decorate Valentine cupcakes and cookies
So much fun yes but when these two get together, they turn places upside down...yes and didn't disappoint this time either....sigh

Rob and I enjoyed a romantic Valentine Dinner at Sky Meadow
They offered a beautiful four course gourmet meal and we each chose different items so we could try each others.  We also enjoyed a bottle of Prosecco of course
Here is the menu...delish right?

This was the brie appetizer...to die for

 Diana also celebrated the 100th day of school
She was supposed to dress up like a 100 year old (you already saw that pic)
Here is a group shot from her class- aren't they adorable??

 We did "Friday Night Pizza Night" as we do each week.
This week we shared our night with my in-laws- we had a cozy, chill Friday night
My Father-In-Law plasters their walls and shelves with pics of all of the grandkids
Look at this one of Eva (a.k.a Pidge).  When we put the bourret on her for her first Thanksgiving?
This pic?  I can't even....

Diana has been working hard on her math!

and for her project on Betsy Ross, she has to make a "Bottle Character"
Daddy has been "instrumental" in helping to get this project done!

and it is election season again!  If you have been following for awhile, you know this is one of my favorites times of the year!  In small town NH, we have so many privileges including voting for our school board and on warrant articles like new facilities, teacher contracts and more.
Here is some of my work this year....thus far....

and nothing is better than lunches with girlfriends from town
I LOVE how cheer brought us together :)

That's Our Life...Lately


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