Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites (July 14, 2017)

Okay, so I always say it.  I am SO HAPPY that my favorite day of the week is here!  This week, I truly feel that I earned Friday- woohoo!

As always, linking up with Andrea and the gals HERE

Here are a few faves from my summer week.....

Amazon Prime Day

So Tuesday was the Annual Amazon Prime Day- when Amazon has CRAZY DEALS for their Prime members.  Friends?  I could've gone wild....I was so tempted to buy an Echo so we could have the technology of Alexa in our home...but I didn't....I am kicking myself now for not snagging some Christmas gifts too....boo!  Anyway, I did pick up something practical for a FRACTION of the normal cost and that is a portable charger for our cell phones.  It is huge and has so much power so it will be helpful when we are out all day and night, say at an amusement park or the beach or wherever we can't plug in.

Check it out HERE - I scored it for $27.99- unreal!

Nordstrom Tops

So the Anniversary Sale is coming up and I have been looking at some tops- hoping some of them will go on sale.  Here are a few recent faves...

Gray Ruffle Tee
Find it HERE

Black Cold Shoulder Tee
Find it HERE

and this Coral Cold Shoulder Tee
Find it HERE

Windham's 275th Birthday

So our town is turning 275 years old and a special committee is putting together all sorts of fun during the first and second weeks of August. There will be concerts at Griffin Park, S'mores on the town beach (Cobbett's Pond) and much more.  There is a big gala that will take place at Searles Castle and a video that is being created to commemorate this special time.  Rob and I were voted as two people that our townspeople think of when they think Windham- we were honored to say the least.  We were asked to partake in the video and on our lunch break on Monday, we met the crew at Griffin Park (my favorite place in town).  When we met Christine and Anthony, they told us that we were a "power couple" and got so many votes- we chuckled...and blushed...I guess all of the volunteering doesn't go unnoticed- can't wait to see how the video turns out ....oh yeah and it was great to spend a little time at Griffin Park as always :)

QT With My Peeps
Beach Time with my Bestie...that's all

Coffee with My Other Bestie...

 (and Mags!)

Boot Camp

So...I wouldn't call it a fave yet...may never call it a fave but I will tell you what is a fave and that is having the courage to try something that I am scared to death of trying...an extreme workout and nutrition plan....I find the whole thing very intimidating and I have been anxious about it all week...so anxious that I have been waking up at 3am every day- what is wrong with me?  Anyway...I know it will get a little easier...I know that hard work pays off and I am looking forward to seeing some results...I am hoping I can get in a routine of weekly exercise and proper nutrition...and I am hoping this routine and these new habits will stick...we shall see..... (and working out with some besties is another bonus and fave too of course)

The Bun and The Thumb....yep!

That's a wrap!  We are getting ready for another fun-filled summer weekend...what are you up to?


Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

How awesome that you two were nominated, and what an honor!! You will do amazing with the boot camp, it might be hard at first, but you are such a motivated and strong willed woman that you will rock this!! Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

The gray top is really cute. I tried a shirt on that was similar to that, but it didn't really work with my body type. Darn it. Happy Friday!

Lisa said...

I wish I'd seen that charger. Looks awesome. You totally should have ordered an Echo...what a great deal! I did! We love ours. Good luck with the bootcamp. Stay strong!!!

A Gal Named Al said...

The bun and the thumb- too funny! Woohoo for the Windham Power Couple- what a testament to y'all's character! I'm proud of you for your commitment but no more waking up at 3 am, girl! Have a fabulous weekend!

Kristi G said...

Prime Day had such great deals!! I started ordering a few things for Christmas ;) I know it's quite a bit away but it's so nice to get a few gifts crossed off the list early! The beach sounds like such a great time - and so does coffee with your bestie! Props to you on the boot camp - I wish I had a friend to sign up with to MAKE me go :)

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