Sunday, December 22, 2013

CJay's Celebration of Life and so much more!

One year ago, yesterday, CJay and his family got the terrible news that he had a cancerous mass in his chest.....

After the original diagnosis, there were many ups and downs...including a call from doctors on Christmas Eve saying they then thought it was only a cyst an then one week later, finding out the worst possible news, that it was a rate form of lymphoma....Gray Zone Lymphoma...the most challenging kind

After a tough battle over the last year, we are ecstatic to hear that CJay is cancer free!  He got the latest scans this week and continues to be in remission!

Alice and Chuck, his parents, decided to have a Celebration of Life and Holiday Party to honor him and all of the people who helped them get through the toughest year of their lives

Here is CJay and his beautiful girlfriend Lauren

Chuck and His Dad

Alice and Chuck...CJay's Parents AND as of last night, Baby Eva's Godparents....they were honored we asked them and we are thrilled that they are so excited...they truly share the same family values and dedication to God that we do...it was a no brainer


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