Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sharon's Baby Shower!

Mon Cherie Sharon is home from France for a few weeks. The good news is she is expecting a little bundle of joy and she is out of the danger zone! She just found out, too, that she is having a girl- yippee!! Her name will be Maya Leigh Lenormand- so pretty!

Sharon looks gorgeous- so healthy and happy. I am so excited that we are going through pregnancy together even though we will be continents apart- our friendship is timeless!

So her mom and sister threw her a great shower last night at Papa Razzi in Burlington. We had a great private room, lots of fabulous Italian food and fun games to keep us laughing. Sharon got some great things including all of her bedding (which goes with her bumble bee theme!)

I love you and hope you come up for dinner this week before you fly back to France!!!!


Jacinda said...

congrats Sharon! you look great. yeah for baby girls!

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