Saturday, June 14, 2008

PTA Surprise Shower!

So I headed over to Laurie's on Thursday night for what was supposed to be our "End of Year PTA Party/Wrap Up." Well I walked in and saw my mom and I just froze. At first it didn't register and I thought my pregnancy insanity was kicking in again. Then I realized what was really going on.

My wonderful Windham PTA friends threw me a Surprise Baby Shower and invited my mom to join in.

It was one of the best nights of my life- such a surprise, so sentimental and so much fun!

They went all out getting wraps from the Gourmet Grille. Krissy made this dynamite sweet and sour orzo. Laurie had a large fruit salad with this awesome fruit dip- it had grand marnier in it- hello delish? She also made her legendary salsa that has corn and beans and avacados in it. Any of you that have been following my pregnancy diet knows that avacados have been a must-have daily staple!

For dessert, my mom made her pizzellias and Anne-Marie made the cutest little baby feet cookies! I made chocolate covered strawberries which I thought were for our "wrap up"- too funny! Heather made the prettiest pink cookies too. They also got a delicious cake and I am including a picture of it. Laurie made the coolest pink punch in green cups to go along with "Diana's Theme" Unreal!

When it was time to open presents, I was completely overwhelmed. These ladies were so generous and helpful! They got me the spa tub, the bath tub, the pooh hooded robe and slippers, hooded towels, wash cloths, bottle brushes and the nose suction thingy! I also got the boppy pillow and a pretty pink cover for it, the mobile for the nursery, beautiful dresses, a gorgeous hat, the softest blankets and the greatest gift of all.

The ladies started a wonderful library for Baby Diana. They all brought books for the baby and they are all so special...I can't wait to peel through all of them!

Oh yeah, Mommy got a gift certificate to Soleil Spa too..I am going to save it for after the baby arrives and when I feel I need to get out of the house for a few hours :)

Another special treat were the onesies the girls presented me. They had decorated onesies for the baby so the are extra special. What was really a blast about that part was that Ben and Max joined in and decorated a few too- these boys are brilliant and hysterical like their mom so you know I will laugh every time I put their onesies on Baby Diana :)

Ladies, you are all so inspirational to me- you are the moms I hope I will be some day. You all do so much for you kids and have a passion for getting involved. It has been a blast working with you and of course, socializing with you. I am honored to say I am part of the Windham PTA and I will be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


Jacinda said...

How fun! What nice friends you have. : )

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