Thursday, April 29, 2021

Monthly Musings: Spring Cleaning Edition (April 2021)


Hi Friends and thanks for stopping by! Hope you will join Patty and me as we talk all things Spring Cleaning...we are going to answer the questions below...


Disclaimer: I am not a Spring Cleaning type person but I am so looking forward to getting tips and advice from all of you!

 1. Am I doing a spring cleaning this year?  


See disclaimer above.  We actually have a Cleaning Lady and she and her team come twice/ is a luxury that we have built into our budget as we both work full time and just can't clean things as deeply as we would like!  So I may pay her a little extra and have her do a deep clean but we shall see


2. Favorite Cleaning Products?

Clorox Wipes- no joke- have been using them for years

Love Windex for mirrors and windows and

409 or Lysol for my bathrooms and kitchen! 


3. Must Clean Every Spring?

The Windows and then when I get to open them and let the fresh air in....I feel like it is truly Spring!


4. Any garage/shed cleaning tips?

I am going to look to YOU ALL for advice in this department- our garage needs it BIG TIME


5. Pack Rat or Marie Kondo?

Pack Rat all the way unfortunately...I get sentimentally attached to so many things...sigh...


6. Best Cleaning Hack?

Clorox Wipes- yet again

They clean and disinfect EVERY surface...appliance...area of your home


7. Do I have help house cleaning?

See #1 Above


8. Favorite Cleaning Appliance?

Our Wet Vac/Mop...vacuums up and mops all in one...genius...especially with a dog!


9. Run the dishwasher every night or only when full?

Every night


10. Favorite way to donate or purge un-needed items? 


Good Will- we make several trips a year- very liberating- love helping others AND it is a tax write off


CANNOT WAIT to read all of your tips, tricks and advice!  

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Sarah said...

What brand is your wet vac mop?? I’m thinking about getting one. Thanks for hosting!!

Good Better Best Food said...

Girl, I am with you on the wipes! What did people do before those things???


Natasha said...

If I ever get more consistent work, I will definitely hire someone to clean our house. It seems like such an excellent investment!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Goodwill here is not a tax write off as far as I know! Great that it is in the US.

Joanne said...

I know so many people have such a problem with their garages... but we really don't keep much in ours aside from our cars, some gas cans, and assorted rakes/ shovels. (Though I feel like I should mention we have three sheds-- one for the 4 wheelers, one for the bikes/ lawnmower, and one that is 1/2 blacksmith shop and the other 1/2 holds tools and our Rangers). So maybe that's why our garage is fairly neat.

Jaclyn Coffee, Pancakes & Dreams said...

My garage cleaning tip--just do it! Set a date and block off time to do it. It will feel so good!!

Natalie said...

LOL I hate cleaning... if my house could magically clean itself than I am good. I might just go ahead and hire a cleaning company to do a deep clean of my house just once. We used to do our own lawn but we since hired someone to do it. It's not that we're lazy... we work too hard to come home and exhaust ourselves even more by cleaning. When all we want to do is rest and spend time with one another. Plus living in Florida it's way too hot to be out there mowing your lawn. Even if it's the first thing in the morning no lie!

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