Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Best Day Ever Edition

Well well....it is one of my favorite linkups, "Show and Tell Tuesday" hosted by Andrea.  Linking up as always HERE

and today's topic may end up being my favorite EVER....

My Best Day Ever and What It Would Look Like...

I guess this is where you will see how quirky I can be...as if you couldn't tell already ;)

Here goes nothing....

 I am a morning person...I love early mornings and the stillness.  So...I would get up at 6am and go for a run.  This run would feel perfect...I would be listening to the best running music on my phone and I would feel like I could run forever!

Then I would come home, shower and wash my hair and then make my first cup of coffee and sit down to read by Daily Devotionals, say prayers and catch up on blogging and social media.

I would make Robby B and the girls a gourmet breakfast and then Claribel would come over to do my hair.

Once that was done, I would get the girls ready for school and then head out to volunteer in their classrooms for a few hours.

Later, I would meet some besties for lunch (on the water in Portsmouth) where we would dine outside and it would be the perfect 75 degrees and sunny. 

After lunch, I would pop into my favorite boutique up there, and pick up a Lilly dress that fits me perfectly.

After that, I would drive the 10 minutes to the beach where I would meet my mom and enjoy precious beach time for an hour or two.

I would then head home where Robby B would be making us all dinner.  We would enjoy dinner with a nice glass of wine and hear all about the girls and their days at school. My parents, in-laws and stepkids would all be there.

I think that sums it up...another perfect day would to just be on the beach and in the ocean all day with my precious fam! Can't wait to see what your perfect days look like.


A Gal Named Al said...

Shopping, beach time, and I don't have to cook? Count me in!

Tara @ Mommy In A Nutshell said...

That does sound perfect but I'd throw in a nap for good measure.

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