Monday, November 21, 2016

Diana's 1st Holy Communion!

Diana Mary received her 1st Holy Communion on Saturday.

We decided to keep our celebration simple and small and I am so glad we did.  Sometimes less is more.  

We had our parents, all of the kiddos and their significant others, Diana's godparents (my BFF and my brother) and some of our closest friends (The Grahams which includes Diana's BFF Alice)

I am so grateful that we got to share such a special occasion with our parents; means more to me than anything because holy sacraments and times in our church are so important to me and my kids are so lucky to have their grandparents in their lives.  

Rob's mom made it to the church too and that was a goal she had set and she made it happen and we were very proud of her.

We snapped a few pics before heading to the church...bless my heart

and Pidge had to get in on the action of course :)

In the car...owning it....like a bride ;)

and we got to church and took a few more pics outside.  It was such a beautiful day!  You never know what you are going to get in November in New England- we lucked out!
with our Blessed Mother of course

and Mimi, Papa, Uncle Matt and Gina found us outside.
Mimi had to get her sqeezes in of course!  

With Mama's Fam

with pal Kate!

Kate and her Mama, my dear friend Mary Beth

Inside church- could only snap a couple

and after mass with Father Brian- we LOVE Father Brian XOXOXOXO

With Papa Bob and Gram after mass

and back at home- our obligatory photos!
We had Papa take our family photo but I can't share it yet as it is going to be our 2016 Family Christmas Card shot!  Yeah!

Here are Papa Bob and Gram with all of their grandkids!

Diana and her Bestie Alice- we celebrated together :)

With her godparents, my brother Matt and BFF Cassandra :)

With us....

With Mimi and Papa Pete!

and the beautiful AND delicious cake by Karen at Synfully Sweet Treats- we decided to do a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and it was perfect!

 and lastly...with Uncle Matt and Gina

What a blessed day....as stressed as I was at different points, it all ended up being great...and my BFF calmed me down....love our family and friends and love that Diana is surrounded by so much love and support.


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