Sunday, August 25, 2013

Diana's 5th Birthday Party Under The Sea!

We started out with that dirty three letter word....G....U.....M
She held us to it!  We have said NO to GUM from the get go and then Rob had the brilliant idea of telling her that she could get gum when she turned 5.  

So...last year...on her fourth birthday...when she woke up...the first thing she said to me was, "one more year and I can have gum!"

So much for our wishes about her forgetting about.......Rob was out doing some errands for me as I was prepping for the big shindig and she must have asked me 10 times for gum...quick call to Daddy to bring some home and the rest is history!

Here she is chewing her first piece of gum...God help us all

Then we made a special trip to The Village Bean for a Birthday "Smoothly"...that is what she calls smoothies

and then we put together an Under The Sea party....with a VERY special mermaid...Ariel...who was WONDERFUL!  She sang with the kids (most beautiful voice EVER), played games, painted their faces...made balloon animals...sang Happy Birthday and took pictures....AMAZING!!!!
This was my FAVORITE party that we have put together for Diana yet :)

Pinterest is my new favorite go-to place for creative ideas...especially when it comes to putting together parties....check out the octopus in our hummus! ;)

A wonderful find on Etsy...homemade, hand dipped marshmallow pops to match our theme

Turned my holiday rolo pretzels into kid-friendly, under the sea treats, with pretzels, hershey kisses and gold fish :)

Rock Candy from the actual Ocean ;)

Cake by Deb at Private Island Cakes

Happy Birthday My Baby Bird- We LOVE You!


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