Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dear Diana (You are 2 Weeks Old Today!)

I can't believe it...every day you are changing and every day I am feeling stronger and stronger (thank Goodness). I have experienced the blues like they talk about and then I feel guilty for it..go figure!

Mimi came up and stayed with us for the week last week. She was a huge help and really enjoyed spending the time getting to know you. She also cooked and cleaned for mummy and daddy-a huge relief!

My friend Trish came to visit you this week...she brought us a huge dinner...this generosity from friends and family never gets old..it is completely overwhelming and so appreciated!

We also got some beautiful flowers from the PTA and then from "The Fois".

For Mummy's bday, you joined Mimi, Daddy and I as we celebrated with some cocktails and apps- you didn't have any of course but you were wide-eyed the entire time we were there!

Yesterday, our State Rep and Prez of the Baseball Board, Charlie McMahon, came by with a gift from the WBSL..a wonderful gift certificate to Babies R Us!

We are enjoying all of this fun and you don't even realize how much you are loved quite yet! I am recording everything so someday you can appreciate it all!

Yesterday we also had a follow up at the pediatrician's. You gained 2 oz so you are up to 8'3.5 but the doctor wants us to feed you more and it will be a fight! You fall asleep at the end of 2 oz and we have to try and get 3oz in you per feeding- geesh! Stay tuned for this challenge :)

Some of your favorite things right now include the swirly lights on your swing...your pink pacifier with flowers and a ribbon on it and being swaddled. Oh! You also love falling asleep on my chest where you can feel my heartbeat.

I love you my baby bird!


Jen said...

Great pics. Diana is so beautiful in the last one...and you look amazing in the first one! Good for both of you. Your hubby is a lucky guy! :)

Jacinda said...

Thank you for taking the time to update us! I know how precious your spare moments are right now! She is so beautiful Holly. I definitely had the blues too. When you are ready, make sure that you get some time away for yourself. Especially nights out with the girls. I think that really helped me. Dressing up, chatting, venting, laughing, oh and wine, that helped too. Love you!

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