Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are expecting!

It is very early to be making an announcement but I did not want to wait to long to post our family video when we let the kids know. It was so exciting and we were thrilled with their response. Daddy captured the whole thing with his new camcorder that mummy bought him for Christmas!

I bought bibs that read I love my big sister and I love my big brother. After the kids were done with opening all of their gifts from "Santa", I handed them their "special gifts". As you will see in the video, the kids got it right away! They almost knocked me completely over!

The night before, on Christmas Eve, we told my parents and brother in the same way. Their reaction was a bit different- they cried!! It was very touching. Rob was so nervous that he forgot to turn the video camera on- too funny!

After we told the kids Christmas morning, we went over to Rob's parents as we were all having dinner there. We broke the news the same way with bibs printed for his mum, dad and Aunt Syl. Same reaction as my parents- lots of tears and everyone is just thrilled.

This is a long-awaited miracle and we are so grateful. I am praying every day that I stay healthy!

Attached you will see the video- enjoy! There is also a picture of what the fetus looks like at this point. I am officially in the sixth week.

Week 6
The embryo officially becomes a fetus. It is about the size of a baked bean and its spine and nervous system begin to form.
The fetus already has its own blood system and may be a different blood group from its mother. Blood vessels are forming in what will become the umbilical cord and tiny buds which will become limbs appear.


Shandra said...

Congrats Holly!! So very excited for you and your family!!!!! I loved the video, and cried when I saw how excited the kids were. So sweet!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute of it. CONGRATS!!! YIPEEEEEEE~!

Jacinda said...

Oh Holly. This video is so sweet. What a nice family you are growing!! : ) Love you!

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