Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday (Best Blog Posts EVER!)

For this month's Show and Tell Tuesday, Andrea is having us dig into our blog archives and pull out our best blog posts ever.  Linking up with her HERE

I decided to go in chronological order!

2007 (My first year blogging)
We are Expecting!  This post announces our pregnancy with Diana and it also contains the video from Christmas morning when we told the older kids- I am SO HAPPY we got this!  You can see it HERE 

and for 2008, hands down the post that reads,
"Diana Mary Breton Enters The World"
Read it HERE 

The Dear Diana posts are always one of my favorites- it is so wonderful to look back and read about her different stages and see how much she has grown.
Here are a few to look back on 

My "Favorite Things" Posts from Christmas 2010.
I loved making that list and thinking about all of the wonderful things I enjoy during the Christmas Season
You can see the first post HERE and then read from there! 

All of the football posts!  Capturing Zach's high school football career was so fun!  You can find those posts during the fall months of 2009-2012
My favorite of all was "Senior Day" though.  I followed him around all day and captured every hour.
Check it out HERE 

How about my BEST vacation day ever?
Taking Diana boogy boarding up at Hampton- my happy place.  It was so fun and wonderful that we have made it a yearly tradition!
Check the first time out HERE 

and vacation posts in general are always fun to go back to!





Grand Cayman! 

Cape Cod! 


Storyland and Santa's Village! 

and the announcement of Eva's Arrival!  Bless my heart!
Check that out HERE 

Dear Eva posts are another fave- always make me smile

 Dear Eva (May 2014)

Dear Eva (July 2014) 

Dear Eva (September 2015) 

Dear Eva (May 2016) 

 and finally the What's Up Wednesday posts are always a fave.  I LOVE going back to see what we were up to, what we were eating, wearing, watching...well...if you are one of my readers then you totally get it!  They are the most fun posts to put together each month!

Here are a few to look back on....
May 2015 

June 2015 

July 2015 

October 2015 

April 2016 

July 2016 

August 2016 

There ya have it!  Some of my favorite and best blog posts ever!  Can't wait to see all of yours! 


Stephanie said...

Found you through today's link-up! Loved looking around :)

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