Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st Day of School 2016!

Diana is starting 3rd grade- I can't believe it!
Yesterday, when I started writing on our chalkboard for the obligatory first-day-of-school-pics, I kept writing 2nd and had to erase it.  Even when I started writing this blog post this morning, I wrote 2nd.!  

I am so excited for her but I guess subconsciously I am also holding on to the past-gotta work on that.

On Tuesday she got to meet her new teacher Mrs. Hale- she was all smiles- I think we are going to have a great year!

Then Tuesday night, we finished our closet organization and organization in general.  I finally felt that we had things down.

Yesterday morning went smoothly too.  We all had breakfast together and Diana seemed less nervous than she did on Tuesday.  She was really excited which was a relief to me!

After breakfast, we took our obligatory pics

Sporting her new Infinity Backpack- the sneakers are next but we are waiting until competition season to make that investment ;)

and we are so excited that "Mr. V" is still our bus driver- he is the best bus driver ever AND Eva's favorite person too!

I didn't cry this year.  First time since this little bugger got on the bus for the very first time.  I think this year, we all (including Diana) know how much she needs this- the learning, the structure, the routine.  Everyone was doing a happy dance when Diana got on the bus, except for Eva.  She kept saying, "I wanna go for a ride." We felt so bad.  What we learned yesterday is that she truly misses her sister when she is at school!  When Diana got home yesterday, they played together for two hours straight- it was amazing (and warmed my heart).

You may remember last year, I hosted a Moms and Mimosas get together.  I really wanted to do it again this year but friends, I am tapped out.  I thought, I just can't pull together one more thing right now so I decided to "just say no." That is a very hard thing for me to do.  Some of my friends came through though and took the ball.  Some girlfriends begged me to play golf and I am so glad I did.  It was the perfect way to decompress first thing in the morning- and we got kinda silly
We are not too happy that school is back right?

My friend Kerri ended up hosting brunch this year- or as she called it "Brunch and Bubbly" so a few of us stopped by for awhile and it was lovely- this group loves the selfies so we had to oblige

After that, we scooted over to Cindy's for the afternoon.  Cindy really outdid herself.  She had a catered lunch for us and it was amazing.  The girls then surprised the two birthday girls (Virgos), Lisa M and me, with an awesome cake.  I was so touched.  I am grateful that I met this group of ladies.  Just grateful for this community and having dear friends to lean on.

Angela's masterpiece- delish

Angela's daughter Emma joined us for awhile-such a sweetie (home from college until next week)

and Lea's new "baby" Daisy paid us a visit :)
Beyond precious

and I wrapped up my night at cheer practice.
It was our last practice at WHS- it was a busy but fun summer!  Love these cuties XOXOXO

All around successful and fun day!


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