Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eva's 1st Dance Class at Happy Feet

6 years ago, right around this time, I was walking into Happy Feet for the first time, with a super sassy, crazy, energetic 2 year old.  She bursted with pride as she posed in her leotard and tights and rolls.
 The title of that blog post reads, "So We Are Trying Dance Class".  The title alone kills me.  You can read that post HERE
What I didn't know is that Diana would take to dance right away.  She also met some special pals and Mama did too.  Our three years at Happy Feet were magical and so so special.  Eventually she moved on to Carlene Nazarian Dance Center and we had to say goodbye to Happy Feet....until now.

Yesterday, I held Eva's little hand and walked back in.  I knew I would have a lump in my throat as I walked in the door.  The familiar sights and sounds hit me hard.  I started reminiscing about my nervous stomach...being a first time mom and all.  I always went on Wednesdays with Diana- one of my days working from home.  I would pray that my boss wouldn't call me.  I just wanted my daughter to enjoy a 30 minute dance class and not feel guilty- no such luck.  Being here today and in the situation I am in now makes me feel even more grateful.  
I signed Eva up for the Wednesday class- the same class for 2 year-olds that Diana started in and this time there was no pit in my stomach and I could truly enjoy and live in the now.

As expected, after a successful gym class on Saturday, Eva pretty much ran into to dance.  She loved her leotard and tights and shoes and she was so so happy- she didn't get crazy like Diana used to- she is a completely different kid. (Oh and she LOVED the backpack)

Once we got to the studio, she posed for Mama and my heart melted

Once she walked into class, it was a different story.  The teacher took her in and instead of joining the rest of the little girls, she just stood in the corner.  She was paralyzed with fear.  I saw this because I was watching on the t.v they have in the waiting room.  I had told myself I would not go in because it was the biggest mistake I made with Diana.  I had to stay in the studio and she wouldn't do anything the first couple of classes.  I watched...and I waited...and she would not move.  My heart broke so what did I do?  I went in.  I almost cried- when she looked at me, she had the biggest look of fear and her eyes were filled with tears.  I picked her right up and decided to stay.  It was probably a good idea that I did (who knows) as several other parents stayed too.
By the end of class, she had opened up a bit and even got in the choo choo train line.

At the end of class, Miss Erica said that it will probably take a month for the girls to all feel comfortable-that made me feel a little better.
We are also going to try a dance class over at Carlene's on Saturday.  They are starting Eva younger because her big sister goes there- not sure what to expect-time will tell!
Regardless, these are the days that I will remember always- that bring joy to my life and that I will be able to share with them as they get older.  These are the days that I will always want to run back to when they are leaving for college or getting married or having their own babies.  


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