Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Currently (Winter 2018)

So I got the idea from a fellow blogger and decided to start making an effort to do these "currently" posts at least once/quarter or a few times/year.  It will be another fun way to look back at all that was "current" during these blessed years.  Here goes nothing!
Here is what is going on "currently,"

Making:   My 2nd cup of coffee while writing this blog post :)
I am also keeping up with our 2018 Family Album via Shutterfly so I consider that "making" too...wouldn't you?

Cooking:  This weeks' meals consist of- No Carb Cheeseburger Pie, Keto White Chicken Chili, Grilled Shrimp with Veggies and Whole 30 sauce with pasta/veggies.  My hubby made the best low/no carb banana bread to surprise me and I have been enjoying that with my coffee for breakfast this week too

Drinking:  Water, water, water and coffee of course...everyone who knows me knows although I am not always good about my eating and splurging...I am always good with my water intake.

Eating:  It has been the Keto plan for the last few weeks, although I splurged this weekend with a little bread and a bagel.  My recent faves have been a chicken enchilada bowl and the keto pizza crust!

Reading:  Wow friends!  I am kinda impressing myself with my reading.  If you have been reading for awhile, then you know my goal is one book per month.  I met and exceeded that goal last year so decided to make it another "resolution" this year.  Well in January so far, I have read three books- The Matchmaker (Elin HIlderbrand), A Stranger In The House (Shari Lapena) and The Wife Between Us (Greer Hendricks and Sara Pekannen) and I am now onto my book club book Night Road (Kristin Hannah)...YES...book club...so excited!  A few of the PTA ladies that I have befriended decided to start a book club for our group- we all thought it was a great idea as ladies graduate from PTA as their kids get older- it is a way to keep our special group together XO

Wanting:  a GREAT YEAR!

Looking:  for a new pair of gloves.  I lost mine and my hands have been SO COLD...yikes!

Playing: Finally scheduling play dates again for Miss Eva...cheer and the holidays kind of derailed my plan in this area but I think we are getting back on track and that makes my heart happy for my little Pidge

Wasting:  I hope nothing.  I hate waste- I consider it a sin but if you see me and think I am wasting something, please smack me upside the head...kidding ;)

Buying:  Luggage...yep finally doing it....snagged a carry on and I am going on a long weekend with some of my besties to Florida and I cannot wait...fighting the guilt and doing what I need to do...my hubby wouldn't let me back out this year even if I wanted to.,.sunshine...quality time...and memories to last a lifetime.

Sewing:  Ummmm?  I don't sew...enough said

Wishing:   For an early spring...mild winter...you know the usual!

Loving:  Reading...as stated above...it is such a nice escape from daily stresses

Hoping:  My family knows how much I love them

Marvelling:  How quickly time goes by and how my littles have become "mini-adult like"...dont' know how to explain it but enjoying every stage here

Needing:  A Window Washer- can't wait for Spring so we can have all of our windows washed- recommendations welcome!

Smelling:  My perfume- Clinique Happy- only wear it in the Winter- it is one of my Winter scents- still reminds me of Winters in Watertown...living with Cass...she wore it then too and it reminds me of her and our special times there

Wearing:  Print Dress, tights and heels for work...I leave in about 10 minutes for the office

Praying:  For My Mother in Law

Noticing: Days are getting longer!  Things always look up and I smell Spring after December 21st!

Knowing: That God is working through me and that he will never steer me wrong

Thinking:  about my drive in today- hope it is ok- the kids have a 2 hour delay because all of our roads are icy! 

Opening:  Just opened my new L'occitaine Almond Shower Oil and Oh My...Rob said after using it in the shower one day, my skin already feels softer.  Thanks to my blogging friends here for recommending it.  I love it and will be using it to help moisturize my skin in the winter!

Giggling:   at the precious things that Eva comes up with...endless and love this age so much!

Feeling: excited about all of the fun planned during this winter and the year ahead....I usually hibernate during these months and I refuse to this year....My focus is on being courageous and stepping outside of my comfort zone...I hope I am doing just that!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekend Recap (Mom and Me Ogunquit Edition)

Hello Friends!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I had a cozy winter weekend and embraced every moment!  Here is what we were up to....


I got to enjoy a pedicure with my bestie.  Our cheer girls gave us gift cards to our favorite salon in town, Bella Viaggio, (check them out HERE) and we decided to enjoy a pedicure together.  So on Friday, during my lunch break, I indulged and it was great- just what the doctor ordered!

Friday Night

Rob and I headed down the street to a cute little Beer and Wine Bar called, "Cask and Vine".  Check them out HERE . We got together with Tom and Laurel and enjoyed a cozy little night.  We reminisced about our awesome summer weekend at their lake house as well as many other memories and agreed we need to get together more often.   


It was time to take my Mom to Ogunquit Maine.  It was part of her Christmas gift and we enjoyed every moment.  Just driving to the coast/Maine, puts me in a happy and calm mood.  I know I belong there and someday will end up there.  As you drive and pass different views of the ocean, you can't help but get excited and feel at peace...well that is my jam anyway!

We headed up to the outlets in Kittery first to kill some time.  It wasn't bad walking around because it was in the high 40's. I know some of you may be laughing but in January, in these parts, that is mild!  Ha ha!!  Then on our way to Ogunquit, we stopped at the cutest pub and bakery called, "When Pigs Fly."  Check them out HERE  .
We had some snacks and delicious wine and snapped a selfie of course ;)

While at lunch, and scanning Facebook, I saw that my BFF from high school, Dawn, got engaged to Jeff.  I was SO EXCITED.  So I did a little post for them and shared their picture that I took this summer when we were visiting....
 I am a sucker for romance but especially when two people meet because of destiny and all of the past pain just slips away.  Yes, my mom and I toasted Dawn and Jeff.

After eating, we bopped on over to their bakery and picked up some gourmet breads to take home.  I chose the Papaya Multi Grain and Chocolate breads because I know my girls will gobble them up for breakfast!  (Hopefully I can tell you that we have a meal win here soon!)

Then we headed to our hotel- The Anchorage By The Sea.  Check them out HERE 
One word?  BEAUTIFUL. 

 Check out these views....

We put our things in our room and then headed out for a long walk- over three miles- it was so refreshing and fun!  Selfie time!

One of the best things to do in Ogunquit is walk the Marginal Way.  It is a path that follows the ocean and it is incredible.  We couldn't do that because it was snow covered and my mom didn't bring her snow boots.  I would highly recommend it any time of year though (just bring your boots in the winter).  We did, however, enoy our walk along the street looking at shops, restaurants and homes.  We walked all the way down to the end of Perkins Cove and back.  When we got back to the hotel, we rested for a little bit and watched some fun and trashy tv- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  One thing we agreed upon, we both need new lip liner and lip gloss- these ladies had us fan girling!  Ha ha!!!

Later we freshened up and headed to dinner at "That Place."  Check them out HERE 

None of the entrees really appealed to us but we chose some awesome salads and got steak tips on them- so glad we did- they were delish!
While we were doing this, Daddy was at home and took the girls to see the Nets for Vets basketball game so Diana could enjoy watching her teachers and principals play basketball- from the feedback I got from some friends, Eva stole the show though ;)

After dinner, we drove down to the famous pub, The Front Porch.  Check them out HERE 
We had a ball having a night cap at the bar, reminiscing and enjoyed the 80's and 90's tunes they were blaring.  There was actually a band playing upstairs and that sounded really fun too but we enjoyed our time downstairs.

The next morning, I walked out to the car to start packing up and had to snap a few more pictures.  The morning was even more beautiful at the ocean- it actually took my breath away.

We headed to our last stop- breakfast at Bintliff's.
Check them out HERE 
Another winner in Ogunquit.  They serve all meals and all sorts of spirits and famous people have dined here over the years.  If you ever get to that area, you must stop in!  While we were enjoying breakfast, Daddy was heading to mass with the girls.  I missed them so much and asked him to send me some pics....so he did :)

 Oh yes and Baby Stella had to go to mass too ;)

Once we got back, I got organized for the week and decompressed with my littles.  We were so happy that Tom Brady came through for us again too.  Rob was getting antsy and cranky but when Brady turned the game around, all was right with the world again.

Just grateful for the QT I got to spend with my mom.  It made me feel like a little kid again.  She is one of a few people in this world that always has my back and I am so very grateful. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites (Fighting The Winter Blues Edition)

Hey hey it's.........

Woohoo!  As always, linking up with the lovely ladies HERE

Here are some faves from my week

Favorite MEMES of the Week!

Favorite Recipes of the Week

Keto Bagels HERE 

Baked Cheese Crisps HERE 

Chicken Enchilada Bowls HERE

 Pure Joy

Wonder and Skating...Little Miss Thing has had a great week and I am happy seeing her happy :)

 and this little one...entertaining us with her songs...my heart is squishy!

Winter Concert

Diana's winter concert was yesterday.  We got to enjoy it before heading to work.  There is something about those little voices and recorder songs that choke me up- how about you?  You can barely see her but you know me, had to get some pics!

 oh and maybe a video or two :)

Team Will

Always a fave- my colleagues- Every January we have a Kick Off to celebrate our accomplishments and look forward to the new year.  Love getting to see my peeps who I don't get to see often!


Love it....enough said

Some Favorite Winter Tops

INC Sweater- Find it HERE

Ruffle Sweatshirt- Find it HERE

That's a wrap!  I am looking forward to a Winter Weekend at the Beach with My Mom- one of her Christmas gifts and a priceless gift for us to share- time together!
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