Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Book Review

I actually met one of my New Year's goals in 2017 and that was to read one book/month.  I actually exceeded this goal- barely - but glad I did.

I am keeping the same goal for 2018 even though I should probably up it.  I just want to be realistic with my schedule and I still want to get excited to read.  It is one of my favorite outlets!

Here are the books I read in 2017 and a few thoughts on them.  As you will see, it was a big Elin Hilderbrand year.  This year will probably follow suit as I make it through all of her books 1 by 1.  I know we can also plan for 2 new books of hers to come out this year too.

On a side note, I really wish Jennifer Weiner would write another adult novel again.  She has had some recent success with a childrens' novel and we haven't seen a story from her in quite some time.  

Okay, I digress, back to my 2017 reads.


The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena 
 Fantastic- such a quick read- so suspenseful and what a twist in the end- incredible!


The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

My first Liane Moriarty novel- slow to start but once I was engaged, there was no putting it down.  I love stories about suburbia and couples and families- they are actually my favorite and this one did not disappoint!


When Food Is Love by Geneen Roth
 This was a self-help kind of purchase and very disappointing.  I thought I would learn something and get some tips on self control and it was all about the author and her personal struggles and really depressing.


There were two books this month!  You can probably tell I was tired of winter and ready for some summer inspiration!

Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand
 Awesome story about a widow and her family and quality time spent at their beach house on Nantucket.  Love all of the descriptions of the different places in Nantucket and the memories they made.

The Rumor also by Elin Hilderbrand
 This was one of my faves of her thus far.  Oh so steamy and the descriptions of the main character's garden and yard were incredible.  It was suspenseful and another awesome story about a couple and their family.


Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale

This was recommended to me by fellow bloggers and they did not steer me wrong.  It was such a suspenseful and different kind of story for me to read.  I read it quickly and it kept me on my toes.


Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

This was a bit different from Hilderbrand's other novels.  Yes it still was set in Nantucket, however, it was a thriller that was very similar to the real life Bernie and Ruth Madoff story. 


Everything We Left Behind by Kerry Lonsdale

This was the follow up to Lonsdale's Everything We Keep and at the time it came out, I was trying to get into Right Behind You- a thriller recommended by blogging friends.  Well, I could not get into it- it was so drawn out and boring SO this was my perfect excuse to drop that book and start this one immediately.  It was, however, the biggest reading disappoint of the year for me.  Just a let down and I kept waiting for more to happen- deeper characters- interesting story- nope...just blah.


The Surfing Lesson by Elin Hilderbrand

This one was a short story and all I really had time for during our busiest month of the year. I flew through it and what I really enjoyed most about it, was that it was based on characters from her novel, Beautiful Day.  It is fun when you already recognize the characters and can jump into a story quickly.  Perfect summer read!


The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

This was one of my top picks of the year.  It reminded me of The Girl On The Train which was my favorite book two years prior- so suspenseful- such twists- so so good.  Sadly the author has passed away, however, there are plans for a motion picture and I will be first in line!


Foul Play At The Fair by Shelley Freydont

This was a cute and quick little read and a perfect book for the fall.  It was a murder mystery set in a quaint town during their fall festivals- so fun.  Another recommendation from my blogging friends.


There were two books this month as well- and two of my favorites of the year!


Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

Friends?  This one is definitely in the top three of the year- I laughed SO HARD.  I can thank my blogging friends for this one too.  If you have been a class mom or a volunteer for your PTA or even if you are just another parent, you need to read this- you will HOWL.  I LOVED it.  Another funny story in suburbia and written by the famous producer "Gelman's" wife Laurie- I wish they would make a movie-read it TODAY :)

Next was...

Shattered- A True Story of a Mother's Love, A Husband's Betrayal and a Cold-Blooded Texas Murder by Ann Rule

Oh my word friends.  This was recommended by you.  Before I started my December reads, I wanted to get another book in because I was on a roll.  I found it saved in my Kindle and I never put it down.  I was shocked with the fact that I had never heard about this story.  It was so similar to the Lacey and Scott Peterson story which was everywhere too!  The most chilling part was reading the afterword by the author and when she wrote that she had interviewed thousands of people for similar stories over the years and you always end up hearing something negative about someone- she said when she interviewed people about Belinda Temple, she never heard one negative word.  She brought joy to anyone's life she touched- everyone loved her- such a tragedy but made me want to be more like her and live my life trying to bring happiness to everyone I touch for sure.


So this was the month I binge-read (is that even a thing?) so I could enjoy Elin Hilderbrand's Winter Street Series AND do it during the Christmas season.  These books carried me through the crazy holiday season and our trip to Florida for cheer and I finished the last one at the end of the month- FTW!  Beautiful stories about the Quinn Family and their lives surrounding their family inn on Winter Street in Nantucket.  So here they are in order.....

Winter Street

Winter Stroll

Winter Storms

Winter Soltice

Daily Devotionals

In addition to a monthly book, I also read daily devotionals that help give me strength.  This year, I read the following and recommend them all!

Jesus Always

Jesus Today

and Trusting God Day By Day

In 2018, I have already started my new reading.

January's Book is The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand (yes her again!) ;)

and the daily devotionals I have chosen for this year, thanks to you are

Jesus Lives


Sacred Reading

I welcome all of your suggestions....please keep them coming...I appreciate all of the inspiration and welcome your stories and reviews.  Happy New Year!


A Gal Named Al said...

I loved The Husband's Secret- you should try What Alice Forgot. I like that it was not about abuse like some of her other books.

Jaclyn @coffeepancakesanddreams said...

Great job reading all of these books! I hope to read a lot more this year!! I'm writing down these suggestions.

Rechelle Morris said...

LOVE all the Elin Hilderbrand books, I'm working my way through all of them too!

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