Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How We Wednesdays!

So I am very excited to partake in Shay and Erika's first "How We" Linkup of the year.  At the bottom of this post, you will see this year's schedule and the different topics we will cover.  Today we are talking, "How We Approach Our New Year's Resolutions"
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I can't believe I am putting these in writing but here goes you think I will be more accountable?  Not sure...just hoping for the best!

 So here are my 2018 resolutions and how I plan on attacking them....

 Lose 50 pounds

So I started the Keto diet.  Do I think it will work?  YES.  Down 3 lbs. in a week.  Do I think I will be on it all year?  NO.  I know it will work for now and then I will have to modify at some point or have certain cheat days so I can stay on it longer term.  Time will tell and I will be consulting with my doctor to make sure it is a healthy plan for me.  I continue to work out at Drive a few days/week and I am going to add walks to my weekly plan as well-treadmill in the winter- outside as soon as it is warm enough!

Save More Money

The wheels are in motion.  We have some plans and goals tied to some upcoming actions that should ensure us being able to save more this year.  Prayers that all goes through!

Have my BEST year at Willmott so far!

This is probably the most complicated one.  We strategize- we forecast- we work hard hard hard BUT there is one thing you cannot control and that is human behavior.  I have been in this business for over 20 years now and I still get shocked when someone acts out or is unpredictable at the 11th hour- including my clients!  Regardless, I am ensuring that there is even more activity this year and that I am chasing the RIGHT business so that I can close more business and exceed my annual goal.

Read One Book Per Month

I met this goal last year so I made it another goal for this year.  So far so good!

Just finished....

The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand
Another amazing one!

Spend More Time with My Parents and In-Laws

Live in the Present

Less worry= more faith= more quality time all around


Good Better Best Food said...

Awesome goals Holly. Happy 2018.


Jaclyn Musselman said...

GREAT goals! Good luck! I just read that setting mini monthly goals helps you achieve the year long goals...think I'm going to try that! Baby steps to the end goal!

Rechelle Morris said...

Love each of your goals and wishing you much luck in reaching them! Especially loving your last two, so important to remember :)

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