Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites was a whirlwind of a weekend and then a whirlwind of a very happy to see my fave day Friday again- Praise God!

As always, linking up with the lovely ladies HERE and sharing some faves from our week.....

Short and sweet this week!

Fave MEMEs of the Week!

 Eating The Rainbow!

Killing it at the Gym

and extra fun when your trainer brags about it on Instagram!

Fashion Faves

Leopard Sneakers 'em out HERE

That dress that Sheaffer convinced me to get is so amazing.  I mentioned before that I got it in black AND in this Heather Gray...I love the black one with the distressed jean jacket and I love this gray one with the white jean jacket....insert heart eyes emoji here :) (excuse my laundry pile- it was coming downstairs with me this morning)

Dress HERE and Jacket HERE

Prayer Group

So I hosted my prayer group last night and it ended up being our best together yet.  Last night's topic was friendship and boy did it get powerful- we had some really raw...honest conversations and my heart was so full by the time we wrapped up...late...much later than friend said to me, "I was so afraid to become friends with you...I was so have it all together and you know everyone."  I laughed and I told her I felt sad that she thought that because I am just as much of a hot mess as everyone survival mode...just doing the best I can...I felt happier when she said, "but now that I have gotten to know you ...and see how warm you are..I feel much better"...I thanked her!  You never know how you are lesson is to reach out even more to people and show true kindness :)

 That's a wrap- have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mother's Day Weekend 2019

We had to get creative with our Mother's Day celebrations this year.  It was a jam packed weekend and we wanted to make sure that everyone got their special celebrations.

Saturday was packed with Eva's Dance Recital 

and then we all immediately headed over to Diana's Dance Studio for her Voice Recital- she made us proud again!

After that, we took Mimi out to Coach Stop for a "Mother's Day Eve Dinner Celebration"

We had a blast and exchanged gifts- we were completely on the same page- exchanged Lilly items- we got her a popover and insulated cup and she got me a Lilly cooler- can't wait to use it at  the beach this summer!

That night, Rob, the girls and I had a dance party on our deck...with our felt so good to be outside and to get silly :)

On Sunday, we celebrated Kayla's college graduation!

It was a great day spent with family :)

These two showered me with the cutest homemade cards and such...they also, along with Daddy's help, gave me a gift card to Lululemon- can't wait to put that to good use!  My awesome step kids gave me a gift card to Windham Country Club so I can buy some new golf attire too- FTW!

The gift that took the cake, however, was Eva's survey that she did in school...we laughed so hard we cried...yes yes Pidge I AM 16!!  ;)

After the graduation, we just crashed...the weekend wiped me out!

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Kayla's Graduation from SNHU

We are so so proud of my stepdaughter Kayla.  She took it upon herself to finish her degree while working full time.

Yes...SNHU making dreams come true again! 
Kayla was able to take her classes and do her work around her job schedule.  SNHU is the pioneer in flexible education.  I think I should be a commercial for them.  ;)

I have seen how SNHU has changed lives...I have also worked with them when placing HR professionals there and I think the world of them.  (Insert heart eyes emoji here)

Anyway, I digress.  Sunday was Mother's Day yes...and we had a lovely day full of quality time...but it was Kayla's Day and we celebrated her to the fullest!

We met before graduation at Murphy's Tap Room in Manchester- right across from the SNHU arena and enjoyed an early lunch.....

After lunch, we walked across to the arena and got to spot Kayla in her cap and gown!

The ceremony was lovely.  I so enjoy listening to the President, Paul LeBlanc speak.  It never fails; he always chokes me up!  

Anyway, it was amazing to be able to hear Kayla's name!  The girls were so well-behaved too- had to give them kudos!  The ceremony lasted about two hours and then we met out front for a few more pics

What a great day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Eva's Dance Recital at Nancy Chippendale's

So we enjoyed watching Eva "Pidge" take the stage on Saturday in her 2nd dance recital (1st year at Nancy Chippendale's right here in Windham)

We had heard great things about the studio and because it is right in town, we thought it would be convenient.  The bonus was when my mom offered to take her to dance this year so we wouldn't have a break in our work days.  It was an awesome experience for Pidge and Mimi.

The only other time Pidge had been in a recital was when she danced at Carlene Nazarian's one year.  She wanted to be at Diana's she is at 3!

 (center/third from left)

Anyway, Chippendale's was a great experience.
On Friday Night, Mama and Eva headed to dress rehearsal.  Because I had not spent time at the studio this year, I was overwhelmed and did not know what to expect BUT the Mamas were awesome and I actually got to hang out with a few friends from town- they helped the time pass and we had fun chatting.

Snapped a few pics of Pidge back stage :)

(This number was called Red Shoes)

(and this one was called Early Birds)

 The Chipps Insta Account was on fire too! This is Eva's class :)

Saturday was Show Time!  Unfortunately Diana had to miss the show as she had rehearsals from 10:00am-3pm at her dance studio!

Mama and Daddy and the Grandparents rallied though and thoroughly enjoyed our little ham on stage!

A few pics before....

and some backstage fun with a few besties :)

Afterwards, we showered her with praise, kisses and flowers of course :)

So proud of our Little Pidge!  She has decided that she wants to follow Big Sis, and she will be starting lessons at LDA next year as well!  That means another ballet student for Mrs. Mullen AND bonus, Mimi is going to continue her chaperoning duties :)

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