Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekly Gratitude

This week, I am thankful for

The beach- living so close and being able to soak up the peacefulness there

Being able to coach kids- they bring me more energy and zap it at the same time- wouldn't have it any other way

Daily Connections and Devotions

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites (June 24, 2016 and KICKIN' OFF SUMMAH Edition)

As always, I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea HERE

It is my FAVORITE day of the week during my FAVORITE time of the year so naturally it is my FAVORITE blog post of the week each week- can I get a WAHOOOO?  :)

It was our first official week of summer here and Diana has already had the time of her life and "Best Summah Eva" as we say in New England

She enjoyed our first trip to the beach this season!
 She also enjoyed Cheer Skills Camp (and so did Mama)- our team is full of passionate little girls who want to do so well- they warm my heart!

 and presents from Miss Janie of course!

A special day with Lea and Sam

and lots of driveway chalk fun!
She "sold" me a few pics- one she drew reads "The years are short but the days are long" I almost died- she has it backwards but it is so so cute.  The other one reads Keep Calm and Lilly Pulitzer- she knows her Mama so well!

 and night swimming and fun with Ella

and the Mamas enjoyed some wine- snapped a pic because this one is definitely now on my "MUST BUY LIST"

 Eva has had a big summer already too!  She is growing and learning so much!
She even has started to do potty on the big potty- she asks most of the time and makes it!
(Sorry if this is TMI but she did poop on the potty 2x this week- we couldn't be more proud!) :)  
The picture below is cropped so I could spare you the details- I just the love the fact that she is staring in the potty and so proud of herself!

 and when she is really into a show like Nature Cat or Curious George, she gets really close to the t.v- I know it is not good for the eyes but once in awhile I just enjoy it for a moment (and snap a pic of course)

 and she and Diana actually cleaned my office/playroom without being asked to- I would say that is major progress!

Diana and I also completed Our 2016 Summer List!  This year, thanks to the suggestion from one of my favorite bloggers Mel, I snagged a box of the Mr. Sketch scented markers.  That ended up being half of the fun.  Did you use these markers when you were in elementary school?  I know I did and it brought back such awesome memories.
Check out our list!

Favorite fashion items of the week

Finally pulled out one of my Stitch Fix items that I have been saving for the good weather- 
what do you think of this black top?  I love it with my turquoise Kendra Scott necklace
My husband made me take this selfie because he liked the shirt so much- he kills me

and you can always count on Old Navy every Summer for the cutest tees and tanks
Check out this perfect "Summah" tee I snagged

You can find it HERE

and lastly

One of my friends shared this on Facebook and it really spoke to me- just love it

Hope you all have a wonderful SUMMAH weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day 2016!

We celebrated with all the dads we are blessed with!  It was a great day for everyone!

Rob, Zach and Papa Bob started the day with some golf!
They had a ball and snapped a selfie- I grabbed it from Facebook for the blog to share with you- so cute right?

After golf, we surprised Papa with his gifts and cards
Then we hung out and all the kids came home to celebrate with Rob
I put out some snacks/a light lunch too- calzone, veggies and dip, Cowboy Caviar and some cupcakes and cookies

We also got to meet Kayla's new boyfriend Marshall- Rob and I approved- he is a love

Diana's gift for Rob- his little "rock family"

Then yesterday afternoon we headed down to my parents to celebrate with Papa Pete
We enjoyed Chinese and listening to the girls bicker (not so much)- they both love the tea set at Mimi and Papa's and they were having trouble sharing- par for the course right?
The guys posed for one picture to humor me

Hope all of your Dads had a spectacular day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Trip to the Beach This Summer!

Saturday, after my run, we packed up and I would say headed straight to the beach but we had a little detour first.

We all went to my dermatology appointment-  fun fun!

I had another mole and this time it was on the back of my head so I wanted my wonderful dermatologist to look at it.  He ended up taking it off and will biopsy it.
I just kept thinking about the ocean and the beach time with my little family to get me through.

After the appointment, we hit some major traffic and I wasn't feeling well at all.
I fought through it though because as you all know, once you promise something to the kiddos, they hold you to it!

Once at the beach, smelling the ocean air and getting my toes in the sand, I felt much better and truly felt that I was back home....where I belong.

There is  nothing like the NH seacoast.  It is beautiful and always has the biggest waves-
We took it all in- the kids had a ball and we started to decompress and celebrate the beginning of summer!

We snapped a few pics of course too!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday (Pets!)

This month's Show and Tell is dedicated to our beloved Pets; Linking up with Andrea HERE

I grew up with the funniest dog ever- he was a blonde lab (well for the most part; rumors around town was that is dad was either a St. Bernard or a Great Dane).  His name was Brandy but the bigger he grew, his nickname just stuck more and that was "Bubba!"  He was huge- he topped out at 120 pounds.
He was hysterical and so loved.  I am embarrassed that I do not have a picture of him to share with you.  My parents have all of his pics and I need to snag some one of these days.
A few things that stand out in my mind:
He escaped from the runner in the backyard one day- he actually pulled the entire pole out of the ground and my mom pulled down our street with him and this huge pole running towards her.  She started beeping the horn and he followed the car and then my brother grabbed him- stressful and then we could not stop laughing.
Another time, he took my father's cigarettes (I know who smokes anymore right?); my brother and I were at the top of the stairs looking down when we heard a commotion and the dog runs by with the entire pack of cigarettes hanging out of his mouth- it looked like he was smoking- yet another time we were doubled over in laughter.
There were also several times that he stole food right off the table- a slice of pizza here and a burger there- it was very hard to get mad at him though- he was always so funny and lovable.

Fast Forward a few years and when I moved in with Rob, they had a family dog Casey.  She was part beagle and part black lab but never got very big.  She caused lots of trouble- I nicknamed her Marie Antoinette and then Marie just stuck.  She wasn't around for a long period of time- she got sick and had to be put down.  (Again I apologize for no pics- will need to dig deep for some of those)

Then a few years later, we got our beloved bulldog Bambi
Her full name was Bambino The Curse Reversed Breton- in honor of our beloved Red Sox finally winning the World Series in 2004.
She was the best girl and we miss her everyday.
 She was a gentle soul- she would come everywhere with us and hang out wherever we were.  She never liked to walk, however, she didn't like the feeling of the cement on her pads.  She was so funny in her own way- very loyal- gentle- and we will carry her with us forever.

Since Bambi's passing, it has been too hard to think about bringing another dog into our family.

When Diana was 5 or so, she started asking for a pet and we agreed on a fish.  Diana's fish "Erin" was a survivor- she actually lived for 3 years with us!  She passed away this Winter.  Here is a picture of this fighter!

 Wasn't she pretty?

When it was time to get new fish, Diana chose a pink and a purple one- Cindy and Maddie
So far so good- we hope they end up fighters like Erin was
We love their colors
and of course, Rob made sure they had, a Yellow Submarine :)


Monday, June 20, 2016

The Long Last Day of 2nd Grade for Diana

Friday was the last day of school for this year.
Diana, err I mean Wonder Woman, conquered this year like a super hero.

We took our obligatory last day of school pictures including some with the best bus driver ever, Mr. V.
Eva is really going to miss Mr. V this summer but we are very happy that we will be back in the fall and assigned to our route again- yeah!!

After school, we continued the tradition of celebrating at Cass's house

Here are all of the kiddos coming off the bus

and the moms toasting of course

That night, Rob and Lea and I helped to "send off" Adam and Jared.  We are losing two of the best educators that ever touched our district- it was a very bittersweet night.  I cried the entire time during all of the speeches and roasts.  Emma and Leo sang Landslide as a tribute to both gentlemen- another tearjerker.  Rob's band, Random Acts, helped close out the night with some awesome tunes.  I do hope we can get these wonderful men back to town in the future.  

 Now we are looking forward to decompressing a bit- spending time at the beach and enjoying the greatest time of the year!

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