Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Autumn Inspiration

Some of my Fall Faves......

Favorite Clothing Items

Camel Cardigans, A Black Leather Jacket and Plaid Blanket Scarves!

Favorite Scents 

Tuscany Per Donna, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Calvin Klein Euphoria

Favorite Dishes

Shay's Pumpkin and Sausage Ravioli Bake, Soups Soups and of course, my Autumn Chicken and Squash Risotto.  Check out the Recipe HERE 

Favorite Activities

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, Pumpkin Festivals and High School Football Games

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Recap (September 18, 2017)

Soooo....everything we did this weekend screams FALL but the temps were summerlike...seriously...I should've been at the beach but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the fall is what our weekend looked like....


Eva enjoyed gymnastics class with one of her besties Sophie

My friend Jess sent me some pics she snapped of Diana from last week's football game.  She got some great ones!

and the pro shots came in too!

Friday Night

Diana's cheer team had practice and got to spend some time with some of the ECE coaches.  I snapped a video of Coach Mike doing his standing tuck.  Diana was all inspired to try it after of course ;)

After practice we grabbed a quick bite with Tricia and Chloe and headed home.  I enjoyed a night cap- my first Caramel Apple Martini of the season.  I shared this recipe on the blog before and you can find it in the Recipe tab above!  (See what I mean about enjoying all the Fall?  It was still 75 degrees out!)


It was an awesome day of relaxing and Netflixing....and making my trademark "Dorito Pumpkin Cheeseball" for the Falsettis. The girls were wild...they played all day and I was glad we did not have to rush off anywhere.

Saturday Night

Our town has a Black Out Cancer Fundraiser every year.  Most of the fundraising typically happens at the big football game with shirts, etc.  This year, they decided to make it a week long event and different restaurants are hosting events and giving part of their proceeds to the cancer fund.  It is all to support pediatric cancer research.  Rob and his band were asked to play at the kick off party at Old School Bar and Grill in our town.  Some friends and I decided to kick off our night there before heading over to the Falsettis Oktoberfest.  They were great.  The place was packed!  They raised more money in that one night than they have for years past- it was record breaking- for the win!  Kayla and Marshall came to support Robby B too. Fun fun!!

Jilly Bean and Eric picked me up- gotta love besties.
This was the outfit I wore- I wanted to wear my army green jacket on top of it but it was too hot!  Can't believe I am typing those words (not complaining of course).  I think this outfit will make another appearance in Newport next weekend too :)
At the gig....

Kayla and Daddy

After that, we headed to the Oktoberfest and the place was already rocking.  You could hear the band from down the street.  It really reminded me of our college parties especially for the fact of the warm weather....oh yeah and the 130 people who were spread out everywhere!  I was bad with pictures.  Too busy catching up with friends from town and sharing some laughs.  We managed a couple though....

Robby B met us there after the charity gig wrapped up.  I think he was shocked at the crowd too.  I LOVED LOVED the band..they were playing all 90' fave!  


It was time for mass, groceries, organization....and then another crazy afternoon.

We got our planters decorated for's a start!
 More pumpkins and decorating to be done!

Diana cheered at the 3pm game in Hudson and then we all headed to the first Nutcracker meeting at 6pm.

It was a long day for everyone but a great weekend all around! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites (September 14, 2017)

Hey's FRI YAY....woohooo!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this day every week and as always, linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci HERE

Here are some faves from my week.....

Fave MEMEs

Diana's Grit

This little peanut cracks me up especially when she was carrying this huge sax case on the bus for her first lesson.  She is so passionate and determined and she definitely gets that from Daddy.  She inspires me to be more confidant and try new things without fear of failure!

and even though she didn't win last year, she so wanted to run for school council again this year.  So she did- she didn't win again- lots of competition but as she said, she will just keep trying.  This is why she is my biggest inspiration!  Her campaign became a family affair ;)  Zach and I helped her write her campaign speech- Zach's ideas were hysterical and so on point and Daddy helped to put the finishing touches on her poster :)  We all had so much fun!


and all the cuties in her class who ran- Thomas and Michael won the seats- congrats boys!

The day could not have been any better however.  We were all thrilled...especially Diana when she landed her dream part of a Party Child in the Nutcracker.  I cried...she mom was a dream of mine as a child so I know how special it is and I am feeling her joy in my heart!  So so proud of our little monkey!


So we did it.  We completed boot camp, had great results and felt so compelled to stay with this gym.  Friends, I never thought I would even set foot in this gym.  I was scared, scared, scared.  You know though, it is an extremely encouraging environment AND the bonus/help is when you do it with your besties.  I honestly think this is life changing.  We all joined this week and will be coming here year round...I am excited to see the results...oh yeah and they make killer smoothies.  Exhibit A- in the car on Wednesday- this thing didn't last more than 10 minutes!;)

The Treats from "Auntie Janie"

My girls get spoiled by Auntie Janie and they LOVE it.  This week it was Halloween Oreos- my word!


Outfit Planning for Newport

So we are getting ready for the Newport Wine and Food Festival next weekend.  Last year we had SO MUCH FUN.  This year, I am going down the day before with my girlfriends.  They all did that last year but I had to miss out so I am so glad I can join everyone this year!  I have started my outfit planning which is serious business because I need outfits for Friday, Friday Night, The Festival on Saturday and Saturday night- Challenge Accepted!
I am wearing this dress to the festival
and I know you love the names like I do.  This is the Marlowe Tee Dress (my fave Lilly dress that she makes) and the print is called "Hot Coral Trunk In Love" ;)  It is actually more pink than coral but you get the point!

The rest of the weekend's outfits are still up in the air but I am mixing and matching different things and will certainly report back!

That's a wrap!  We are getting ready for a fun-filled Fall weekend full of celebrations.  Hope you have an amazing one friends!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


I am grateful for....

My mini grateful...words can't describe

The ability to work and in life....

The work...the business after Labor Day

School...Activities...Just Now

My Girls....Right Now

My Lea....always....and recently all of the spoiling she did for my grateful God put her in my life

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday: How I Transition My Wardrobe

It's time for another fun linkup with Erika and Shay.  Linking up HERE

This month we are talking how we transition our wardrobes from Summer to Fall.

It is no secret that I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer prints.  It is always kind of sad when I have to put the bright prints away for the fall and winter.  She does make some transitional pieces and pieces for cooler weather but for the most part, my wardrobe becomes much darker until Spring hits again.

It is funny because I have always LOVED fall clothing.  I actually think that Fall is the best season for fashion- rich jewel tones, layers, pretty scarfs, get the point!

I still feel that way and I have a couple of things to share about this time of year!


Oh the joy...In the last couple of years, I have really enjoyed adding scarves to my outfits in the fall and winter and even spring. Nordstrom always has cute ones that go on sale and I learned about them from my blogging friends of course. They hang in my closet on a tie rack.  

I have a few faves.  First, this one that I found on is kind of short but I can still make it work.  It is funny too, I love it best with a white tee.  It has the pretties shades of orange and pink as well as some neutrals.

and then this one from Nordstrom is another fave- perfect for fall with the neutrals and even at Christmastime.


So I love adding light jackets and vests to my outfits in the fall and winter too. The army green/fatigue colors have been my favorite over the last few years.  I am also a sucker for a leather jacket!

Earth Tones and Bold Dark Colors

Yes....I go darker...but I am still attracted to bold colors in the winter.  Not as bright but you get the point.  I also love pairing black patent leather heels with dresses and outfits and in earth and jewel tones.
 This dress was from INC at Macy's last year.  I find that I shop there more so in the fall and winter as well.  They always have interesting pieces this time of year.

That's a wrap.  I am looking forward to seeing you what you all do to transition your wardrobes.
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