Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The 2016 Newport Wine & Food Festival

We had another wonderful weekend at the Newport Wine & Food Festival on Saturday.  I have to say Saturday because we truly left home around 7:30 on Saturday morning and were back by 7:30am Sunday!  What a whirlwind and oh....so....worth it!
Heading down, I made Rob and Matt breakfast sandwiches to "inspire them to get me there faster!" ha ha!
We made great time so we went downtown to hit Starbucks.  While the guys were waiting for their
coffee, I browsed in a few shops!
Then we headed to the beach to catch the shuttle to The Marble House- Matt snapped a quick pic of us

We met the rest of the crew just in time for the shuttle.  When we got there, we waited in line for about an hour but it flew by.  When you are with friends, and you are talking, time does fly.  I am glad Rob got this pic of the five girls.  We weren't all together the rest of the day!

The Marble House- just beautiful
The main event itself, was just amazing.  We agreed that there was less food this year but more things for the "non-wine-drinkers" like my hubby.  They had tequila, cider, beers and even gin.
I was excited that my favorite winemaker, J. Lohr was there again.  

Cass, Beth Ann and me with Pamela from J. Lohr
After tasting two of the top wines there with the whole crew, Cass, Beth Ann and I broke off and took things in stride (while Matt and Rob had their own fun- they were cracking me up.  They hit all the food tables and even got in a game of cornhole)
 The wines, the food and the decor were all amazing again

 and we got Cass to try her very first oyster and she LOVED it...so much so, she went back for more multiple times!  FTW!

Matt and Rob scored us some adorable plates- they look like lobster claws and they hold food AND a wine glass- FTW!

and then Beth Ann and I seemed to lose everyone else and that is when things got really silly.  We met a girl getting married and one of her best friends.  We started giving them marriage advice- it was so funny!

To say that the festival flew by for me, was an understatement.  You think, at first, "four and a half hours?  How much wine can you really try and how occupied can you stay for that entire time?" Well friends, it flies by, especially when you start meeting people and talking and learning- so much fun.

After the festival, we took the shuttle back to the beach.  Beth and I jumped into the ocean- oh yes- I will leave the rest of the story out but we called it "Cake By The Ocean".  Found this pic on my own after and just giggled out loud- I had so much fun- I felt like a college kid again

After our "beachscapades", we checked into our hotel, The Newport Bay Club.  Cass always scores rooms there and it is amazing.  The rooms look like little condos/townhouses and it is right on the water.  Once we changed, four of us ladies enjoyed champagne, compliments of Laurel, on the Observation Deck, at sunset.  I know, it seems like a movie and I know, I didn't need the champagne after all that wine but toasting with my girlfriends is one of my favorite things to do.

 The guys headed over to the Oyster Bar and the girls headed over to the Lilly Pulitzer store. They were having a big sale and everyone picked up some cute things.  I scored a pair of flip flops for $24.

We then all met up for dinner at The Red Parrot- it was casual and awesome- had one of the best burgers ever.  Wish I got more pics of the whole group.  Just found this one on my phone of us three ladies

After dinner, Beth Ann and I enjoyed dancing in a club (I know I was in this club several times back in the UMD days.)  The band was incredible and we danced and danced.  Lost the rest of the group again but we had so much fun together- so glad she was there this year- made it so much more fun.
It was very rough getting up at 5am on Sunday but a cheer coach is always a cheer coach and I was on the field by 8:30am!  I am tired just writing this!
Had a ball for so many reasons and couldn't wait to share all this fun and excitement with all of you!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's Talk! Entertainment!

It's time for Erika and Andrea's Monthly "Let's Talk" Link Up!  This month we are talking Entertainment- yahoo!
Linking up with the lovely ladies HERE 

So over the summer, Rob and I really enjoyed Vice Principals on HBO.  Season 1 just wrapped up.  We will have to wait almost a year for Season 2 and the bummer is that Season 2 will be the last.  They filmed all 18 episodes at once and agreed that was it.  I laugh so hard- it is wildly inappropriate and a true dark comedy but it is soooo entertaining!!
You should watch is On Demand- you will get through the first season very quickly- trust me!

and we have also enjoyed Ally McBeal on Netflix.
We are on the final season- we have agreed we are now ready for it to end- totally jumped the shark when Robert Downey Jr left- real let down.

and now, I am pumped because the Fall shows are starting!

Did you all watch the premier of "This Is Us" last week?  O....M...G....can you say new favorite show?  Just loved it and loved how all of the characters were tied together at the end...amazing!
 We also watched the new drama "Designated Survivor" with Keifer Sutherland...yep we were quickly hooked- as Rob describes it, "it is a cross between Scandal and 24."  

 I still am working my way through Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 on Netflix- with my crazy fall schedule, it is just taking me a little longer

Grey's did not disappoint last week either!
What do you think?

 This week, I can't wait for two more of our favorites to start, Scandal (ABC) and Younger (TV Land)

 and then waiting for more faves to start later this fall: Jane The Virgin (CW), Teachers (TV Land), Life...In Pieces (CBS) and The Affair (Showtime)

I am actually squeezing in a little reading too- that is usually unheard of during cheer season.  Each night, before bed, I am reading a little of "The Status of All Things."  It is a nice, light, entertaining read about Destiny and....Facebook Statuses ;)

For music, it is our cheer routine music most of the time.  We are in crunch time- trying to finish our routine and then clean it up- easier said then done when you are working with 7 and 8 year olds but I have the faith- they will pull it together!

Can't wait to see what is keeping you all entertained!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites (September 23, 2016)

So this was a better week, albeit stressful, but hey we are in the middle of cheer season.  This is when everyone kinda goes a little "cray" as the kids say!!
But it's FRI YAY!  Woohoo!!!

Linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea HERE

Favorite Fall Flavors
Pumpkin, Cinnamon and Fig...yes FIG!
Making this recipe this weekend
Fig and Goat Cheese Bruschetta- Find it HERE

Favorite Fall Scents
Burberry Weekend and Euphoria by Calvin Klein
 Favorite Fall Fashion Items
 Plaid Blanket Scarf- Find it HERE 
Military Vest- Find it HERE

Plaid Gauze Popover Shirt- Find it HERE

Favorite NEW Item
Dunkin Donuts Lip Balm?  Oh yes!
Diana got the Pumpkin one and I got the Coffee one- FTW!

 Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
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