Monday, January 20, 2020

Answered Prayers- Thank You!

Thank you friends for your prayers!  Papa made such a great recovery!  The hospital was able to get his kidney function back up to normal and re-build his strength and he is feeling so much better.

When we visited him on Friday night he was still in the ICU and then yesterday we got a surprising call that he was ready to come home- yeah!

The power of prayer is amazing and solid proof!

Someone has been so upset these past few weeks...she was missing her best friend and then all of a sudden the smile returned last night...oh I can't take it!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend- we sure did!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Pray For Strength

I know it is my favorite day of the week but need your prayers right now and you have never let me down in the past.  My Father In Law was diagnosed with the flu last week and just when he seemed to be getting better, he started feeling worse....and then started getting more husband brought him back to his doctor's office yesterday and they sent him right to the emergency room.  He was admitted.  He is severely dehydrated and so much so that his kidney function was down to 4%.

Please pray that he heals and gains his strength back as they pump him full of fluids and medicines.  We are all praying hard.

My Father In Law is our girls are so attached to him and spend so much time with heart is breaking..having to explain to them last night and assure them and keep them all seems like too much.

If you are so inclined, would love you to send a prayer up for our family today.  Though I love Friday Favorites, I don't feel right writing about fashion, food, or every day life around here today.  Just need to focus on faith.

Thank you Friends XO

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

What's on My Vanity/My Makeup Routine

Hey friends!  I thought I would share some of my favorite makeup products with you today.  I always get great ideas and recommendations from all of you so thought I would jump in and share the love with you as well!

Starting with the face/skin
I start with Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Moisture Balm in Golden Glow.  It moisturizes your skin and helps to allow your makeup to go on more smoothly AND the bonus is with this color is that you get a nice little golden glow too which really helps out in the Winter!

Next it really depends on the day.  If I am going with foundation, than it is one I have been using for many years- Clinique's Even Better

 The color I go with is Beige

If it is a more casual day for me and I don't feel like putting on foundation, than I LOVE NARS tinted moisturizer- it is liquid and goes on so smoothly and just covers all the flaws

Next, I seal it all with a pressed powder.  My favorite is one of Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powders :)  (yes I love Bobbi Brown products)

Next, I move on to the eyes and it should come as no surprise that my favorite pallets are from Bobbi Brown as well.  I love the ones that include one of the chocolate browns.  The rest is just gravy but as you may be able to tell in this one, I have been loving the shimmery champagne color as a highlighter...I am running out...ahhh!

My eyeliner I have talked about for years here on this blog- it was discontinued so I buy some on Ebay and the last time I did a few years back, I was able to purchase a few bags full of them so I should be good for a few more years- hopefully!

It is an Eye Crayon by Urban Decay and my color is
Delinquent- I love the dramatic purple look!

For mascara, I always go with MAC- they are the most dramatic with the most staying power- don't you agree?

I then finish up with my lips.

I start with a Bobbi Brown Liner- a big fat lip crayon 

Then, some of my favorite lipsticks are Beige by Bobbi Brown and Nude by Clinique...I also love this new Beige Lip Gloss from Clinique. I like the neutral lip look especially if the eyes are dramatic- more flattering with my coloring and the shape of my face.

Some of my favorite skin products include cleanser,  exfoliator and moisturizer all from Bio Elements

Then other favorite moisturizers include

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu

and Clinique Moisture Surge

I use moisturizer mostly at night and whenever else I remember to be honest! Ha! 

So...what's on YOUR makeup table?

Monday, January 13, 2020

Hello Monday! (Is it Spring Edition?)

Hi friends!  We are coming off one of the warmest winter weekends on record here in the Boston area!  We enjoyed spring-like temps ALL was such a tease!    How was it where you live?  Did you have the same?  Were you getting a little bit of spring fever?  Ahhhh

Linking up with Heather and the crew HERE 
and sharing about our warm little weekend!

Friday Night

Diana had one of her dance besties over for a fun sleepover while Daddy supervised and Eva and I headed over to our pal Nicole's for a fun, chill girls night....lots of QT and chatting...good for the soul!  Eva and her pal Haley had a blast at the same time :)


Mama headed straight to the gym and I had the best workout of my life.  It is the first time I truly felt what the right foods and at the right times could do to power your workout. I burned close to 800 calories- the most yet and I was psyched about my energy level!

When I came home, Daddy took Eva to hockey and the girls were finishing their pancakes.  They then got inspired to start making smoothies and shakes and had me video them as they are now inspired to start a business (that concept lasted a day)...anyway they kill me!

Early afternoon I got to sneak out and try the new Nutrition Corner in Derry.  Their smoothies are pure health food and they are already sooo popular- the line was out the door!

Exhibit A

I got the Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake one- pure delish!

The weather was PURE BLISS!

That night, Mimi and Papa came up for dinner.  I cooked most of the afternoon and really enjoyed it- wanted to make a special dinner and cooking is therapeutic for me.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and didn't even realize it was a completely "clean" meal- ha!

We had Surf N Turf, Zucchini Bacon Fritters, Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Grapes and Salad. 


It was time for mass, groceries and organization.  In the afternoon Kayla took Eva to Disney on Ice and Daddy joined them because Diana got pulled into a last minute mandatory rehearsal.

That's paid off and the Dance Moms had lunch while they were rehearsing- ended up being a fun little date.

Last night took a turn though.  Diana was not feeling well so I brought her to Urgent Care and she was diagnosed with strep throat- ugh My poor little monkey...she just goes goes goes (not sure where she gets that from ) ;) was one of the only times she was mad that I was taking a picture

Other than that, it was a lovely little weekend...and on a bright note, she auditioned and made the drama club at school- yeah!  What were you all up to?

Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Favorites

Yeah for Friday!  What a busy and productive week...I loved it...I felt energized and on and though I am tired, it is a really good tired!  How are you my friends?

As always, linking up with Erika and the crew HERE and sharing some faves from our week!

Eating The Rainbow again and it feels....SO GOOD :)

 Fave MEMEs

and this just cracked me up!

Dotty Dance Dresses

I snagged the girls' dresses for this year from Macy's when they were having their holiday sale- dresses originally for $75 and got them for $22- FTW!

This is Eva's dress

and this is Diana's

Diana put hers on and she and Rob did a practice dance for the heck of choked up because this will most likely be her last Daddy Daughter Dance and I can't believe how fast time goes by...she has been going since she was 2 and it literally feels like yesterday :(

PTA Pre-Gaming

One of my favorite things to do is catch up with some of my besties before our monthly PTA meeting...last night was extra special...I feel like we took our friendship to the next level...deep conversation...baring our these gals...and grateful for this village

Five Pounds

Tis the season for New Year's Resolutions, etc...I know many of you have struggled with your weight the way I whole damn BFF Lea shared this with me this week when we were having one of our lunch dates...and it made me feel so much better....she encouraged me and said "you think 5 pounds isn't a lot...well look at how much it is"  it made me even more excited about what I am doing so I will look at this picture every day!

That's a wrap- have an awesome weekend friends!

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