Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites (Fighting The Winter Blues Edition)

Hey hey it's.........

Woohoo!  As always, linking up with the lovely ladies HERE

Here are some faves from my week

Favorite MEMES of the Week!

Favorite Recipes of the Week

Keto Bagels HERE 

Baked Cheese Crisps HERE 

Chicken Enchilada Bowls HERE

 Pure Joy

Wonder and Skating...Little Miss Thing has had a great week and I am happy seeing her happy :)

 and this little one...entertaining us with her heart is squishy!

Winter Concert

Diana's winter concert was yesterday.  We got to enjoy it before heading to work.  There is something about those little voices and recorder songs that choke me up- how about you?  You can barely see her but you know me, had to get some pics!

 oh and maybe a video or two :)

Team Will

Always a fave- my colleagues- Every January we have a Kick Off to celebrate our accomplishments and look forward to the new year.  Love getting to see my peeps who I don't get to see often!


Love it....enough said

Some Favorite Winter Tops

INC Sweater- Find it HERE

Ruffle Sweatshirt- Find it HERE

That's a wrap!  I am looking forward to a Winter Weekend at the Beach with My Mom- one of her Christmas gifts and a priceless gift for us to share- time together!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Pull

I have started and stopped this post a million times.  This blog is my virtual scrapbook...something we will have to look back on...forever.

It is also a place where I can exercise my passion for writing.

Many times, in my life, I have also had an easier time writing my thoughts than expressing them verbally and that is what I am doing here.

The pull?  Motherhood

I am a Working Mom and a Stay At Home Mom at the same time.  Why?  I work for an incredible employer who understands balance and family life.  It has been one of the greatest gifts of all.  Truth be told though, over the last 10 years, I have worked for three of these employers which has allowed me to work from home part of the week.  That flexibility has made me feel like I am still present and I can kiss my girl when she gets on the bus and be here when she gets home.  It also means that the little one's mama is home during the day a few days per week.

It is never enough though.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel "the pull."  Every day for the last 10 years (well Monday through Friday), I have felt these two feelings...

1. "I am working too much.  I should step away from the phone and step away from the computer and go play Barbies for a half hour."

2. "I am not working hard enough.  I am not good enough.  I am not going to hit my numbers.  I will never be able to sustain our life here in this wonderful town."

It is a vicious cycle.  What makes matters worse is when I am volunteering at night (one of my much needed outlets and ways to give back), I have to endure my favorite phrase of all time (and when I say favorite I am being facetious), "I don't know how you do it."

Really?  Well neither do I...I just do.  I do what I need to do for my family.  Of course I would love to stay home and have play dates every day and craft with my littles and be able to go to the gym for hours while they are at school.  I would love to spend every day of the summer with the the pool...but I can't. 

and you know what?  That's ok!  Of course, sometimes I let it get to me but most of the time, I know what I need to do and just do the best I can. I am driven to give my family the best life I can AND I am driven to be successful.  It is alot.  Yes.  I trust God, however, that I am at the right place and doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life.

I guess Blind Faith has been my mantra all along. At work, when I was managing recruiters coming up, I would always tell them, "Do what you know is right.  The rest will fall into place." The ones who kept the faith and did the ethical thing, were the ones who ended up being the most successful.  When I look back on those I encountered who were shady, competitive in a mean-spirited way and greedy, they ended up miserable and searching for answers and meaning that they will never find.

I keep telling myself that same thing now. 
 "Have faith.  Do what you know is right. Set a good example for your girls and keep pushing on."

I would love your advice on how you balance it all.  When your little girl is asking you to play but you know you can't miss a minute of productivity for your job, how do you handle "the pull?"  I still try week after week and still fail always..but sometimes I feel little victories.

Like when we were in Storyland this summer...actually it was the day we were at Santa's Village.  I had a client asking me to do references on my candidate because they were "getting ready to make an offer."  Of course, this was one of two vacation days I took over the summer BUT when a client asks you for something, you jump!  It also meant a placement which I so desperately needed (it was 2017 remember- my worst year in 20 years in the industry-separate topic for a different day) I raced to get the references done...spotty reception up in the mountains and all and my client told me I would hear back from her later that day.  Well after racing to get that work done and enjoying the day of rides and games...lunch...laughs....I never got a call back.  Around 4pm, I called my client back and she said, "I am sorry it was a tough decision but we went with another candidate."  At that point, I thought we were on Candid Camera. joke?
But I was talking about little victories right?  Yes...back to that.  Two weeks later, on a Sunday afternoon, as I was getting organized for the week ahead, that same client emailed me and asked me if my candidate was still available and interested.  The candidate they chose?  Backed out at the 11th hour.  I was ecstatic because I had been in touch with my candidate and she still wanted the job so bad.  I ended up making the placement so my work time at  Santa's Village did pay off.

Another victory?  On the mom side....just the other day, little Eva said to me, "I love the way you play with me every day, all the time."  I immediately welled up because that is not true but she felt it in her little heart.  It made me feel and believe that I am present and she feels me right there with her.

Blind Faith...Little Victories...Love....Drive...they keep me going...they help me to manage "the pull"...and I will forever strive to keep doing the best I can.  
I will also say that I am allowed to strive for a balanced life because of my husband.  The flexiblity with his job helps so much and when I am working crazy hours, he picks up all of the slack...breakfast..homework...driving.  I could not even devote the time to my career that I do today if it weren't for him.  As we say, we are a great team.  More importantly, we appreciate God's gift so we are able to manage it all.

I would, however, love to hear your thoughts on how you balance it all...I always gain inspiration and strength from your ideas and supportive words.  Until then, I will keep fighting the fight!  Thank you for listening....well reading ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Talk: Going To The Movies Edition

It is the first Tuesday Talk of 2018 and I am linking up with the lovely ladies HERE
 This is the monthly linkup when we can talk about anything and everything.  Truth be told, I often turn to this blogging community for ideas and inspiration.  Don't get me wrong, I could talk to a wall if I thought I had a chance of it listening and I love to write but I sometimes feel self-conscious with putting all of my thoughts and ideas out there- I don't know. 
When I am given too much freedom, I can you know what I am saying?
Anyway, today I thought I would keep it simple and talk movies today.  Actually going to the movies....because that has not been one of my favorite past times...seriously. I much prefer snuggling under a blanket and watching an awesome movie on a Friday night, at home.  It just happens however, that in the last three months, I have been to the movies FIVE yep FIVE times.   
Here are the movies I went out to see and why...and just a few thoughts on each.


Bad Moms 2
 This one is such a must for Suburban Moms...hell AND City Moms...I found the first one to be hysterical and so dead on so when the second one was coming out, everyone started texting and the adventures began.  I went with some besties the first time and then with my PTA pals the second time.  Laughed just as hard both times and liked it just as much as the first one.  I love the way the writers turn the smallest subjects like school projects, activities, balancing family and work and just make them even MORE hysterical...these movies helped me to take a step back and exhale and laugh a little at the every day stresses at home!  I also loved the fact that this one was set at Christmastime- I saw it both times leading up to Christmas...perfect time of year for this gem.

Pitch Perfect 3

Are you a Pitch Perfect fan?  We are in this house.  Diana and I loved the first two so when Beth Ann organized another great day, during Christmas vacation, we were there in a flash.  The girls LOVED the movie as did the moms.  The talent is so impressive and it is so easy to get caught up in all of the songs.  I always love the back stories too but my favorite part is all of the performances and is always exciting to see what songs they will choose.  This was the final chapter which was a little sad but I know that all three will be on repeat in these parts :)

I, Tonya

So anyone who knows me knows that I was always obsessed with Nancy Kerrigan.  We actually skated in the same rink growing up in Stoneham.  Well, she was always skating circles around the rest of us.  My dad would take me to my Saturday lessons and she would be skating around.  We would watch in awe, especially when she would do a hockey stop right near us and the snow would fly off the ice.  I remember my Dad saying, as we were walking back to the car after, "that girl is going to be in the Olympics."  Wow....and the rest is history.  When I heard the I, Tonya movie was coming out, I immediately became intrigued and then kind of obsessed.  The documentaries started up on TV and I have taped and watched every one.  They keep covering the scandal but also all of those associated Olympic games that I never missed and now they are diving into the back stories.  This movie about Tonya Harding was incredible and so very sad- it was so interesting to learn about her and how she grew up and how she ended up so troubled- the acting was outstanding and a few of the actors are already nominated for Golden Globes.  The soundtrack?  AWESOME- already bought in on iTunes and smell dance parties all around!  After watching this movie, I understood the history so much more. I dragged some besties with me last week and everyone agreed. Highly recommend it and it is still in theaters!


Wow.  I just saw this yesterday on MLK day when the kids were off from school.  It hit me hit Diana hard...and what I will take away from this, among so many other things, is "Choose never know what battles people are fighting."  Amen!
Lea suggested we take the kids to keep them occupied on the holiday.  After getting work in all morning, I was ready for a break at lunch and this is what we did- so glad- so important for kids to hear and see messages like these about being kind...being brave...being accepting and OMG what a beautiful story. See!

What movies have you seen?  Do you go to the movies often or do you tend to watch them at home more?  I guess I was on a movie theater trend for a bit but knowing me...I will be watching more from the comforts of my own home...surrounded by my hubby and favorite place of all :)

Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Recap (Beatles Mania Edition!)

So...we had a fun little winter weekend in these parts.  The temps remained warm (60 degrees!) through Saturday morning and then took a sharp turn for bitter cold again.  Regardless, I enjoyed the warmth while it lasted :)

Thursday Night

Although it wasn't the weekend yet, I needed to include this pic.  After sharing the hysterical meme last week about "me at a PTA meeting" (complete with a hoodie on), my funny friend Karin showed up at our meeting with just that- we were dying- love her and love this!

Friday Night Pizza Night

Mimi and Papa came up to share Friday Night Pizza Night (and salad night for some) with us!  It was great to unwind while the girls entertained us


We headed to Diana's basketball game at Goldenbrook.  We weren't sure she would even get to play as she sprained her ankle on the playground last Monday.  Yep!  6 years of cheer and not one injury and as soon as cheer is over...fooling around on the playground..she sprains her ankle.  We had a rough week...crutches...tears..the whole the end of the week though she was a rock star and fought through the pain.  

and this little love....just kills me

Saturday afternoon it was time to chill and rest.  I loved all the coziness under my fuzzy blanket and catching up on my dvr'd shows- American Housewife, This Is Us and Teachers.

That night, we headed out to enjoy Rob's Christmas Present- dinner and Beatlejuice!  My friend Beth Ann is very resourceful with finding shows and fun things in the area and last fall she let me know that Beatlejuice- a Beatles Cover band was coming to Tupelo Music Hall- we decided to go and make it our hubbies' Christmas gifts.  So we made a night of it and did dinner beforehand at one of our favorites, XO on Elm in Manchester.  Check them out HERE 
Rob LOVED the band as did all of us- they played the best tunes and we even bumped into friends from town too....

 While we were out on the town, Diana was at Sam's sleepover birthday party and Eva was hanging out with Papa Bob and Gram.  Everyone had a fun little Saturday night for themselves :)


After mass and organization, it was time for Mama to go and help Lea chaperone the roller skating portion of Sam's birthday- it was an all day affair and to say I was exhausted after was an understatement...this bestie of mine knows how much I love her...had to snap some pics in the middle of all the madness of course....

and while we were enjoying Sam, Pidge was doing this....
 Be still my heart!
 (it is funny because Eva is not allowed to use the stick on the ice just yet- that will come later this winter/early spring BUT she loves it so much so she sneaks in stick time when she can and Daddy snuck this pic when she did just that!)

Fun weekend all around...what were you up to?
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