Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Favorites


Happy Friday Friends!  Yeah!  We did is almost the weekend!  Hope you had a great week.

Sharing, as always, some faves from our week.....

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Motivational/Inspirational Films

I mentioned that I would share a few inspirational movies with you.  Watched all three last weekend and want to watch them again!  Truth be told, I have watched "Brittany" more than three times already ;)

Newly Discovered Faves

Vita Coco Coconut Water



Blueberry Cinnamon Bun Almond Butter


The Ice Roller

Perfect Tool to take away any puffiness in the morning AND wake your skin up with a BANG!

Hibiscus Tea

Hot or Cold



Let Us Dream- New Book by Pope Francis

Awesome Anti- Bacterial Hand Spray from Bath And Body Works

and a GREAT mask!

Fave Recent MEMEs

Short and sweet this week- have a wonderful weekend friends!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Let's Look: Our Coffee Bar Areas


It's the First "Let's Look" of 2021- yeah!
This month we are talking about our "Coffee Bar Set Areas"
We are Keurig all the way in this house....

 Sometimes I think about adding to our coffee options and getting a machine that would also brew espresso and cappuccino but haven't done that yet...

Our Keurig suits our inpatient personalities just fine!
 We keep our K Cups in a basket beside our machine and you will always find plain coffee there for Rob, flavored for me and decafs mixed in for an occasional cup for me and company who prefers decaf (you will also notice little stashes of creamers and Equal here too- those are for Robby B)

 As far as my mugs, I am now partial to any SWIG mug....they keep your beverages either very hot or very cold FOR HOURS...

 and they come in the cutest prints!  This one above is my fall and winter mug...the one below is my spring and summer mug...I see myself adding to this collection!!  

 Coffee is the 2nd thing I do each morning when I get up (after getting dressed and brushing my teeth that is).  The first thing I do is drink 24 ounces of water.  Then I make my coffee and then I head to my desk for my daily prayers and devotionals, blogging and work

BUT coffee is essential for me to make my days productive!

A little later in the mornings, you may find Diana making herself a Hot Chocolate or Latte...she kills me
 Her friends and family are on to her and her passions so she was gifted with some pretty awesome mugs this Christmas-this one being one of them...

 and Eva was gifted a mug at Christmas too....she has become partial to Hot Chocolate for dessert....I guess that is one of our themes of this winter!

 This is one of my favorite areas in my home for obvious reasons ;)
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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Egg Roll In A Bowl





 So with the new year comes so many new resolutions and healthy eating habits right?  So many people I talk to, start new fitness and nutrition plans or clean eating.....or you get the point!

One of my favorite clean recipes is called "Egg Roll In A Bowl". It is essentially all of the inside goodness of an egg roll without the carby and fattening shell/casing!  It is a healthy, clean and delicious alternative and Rob and I enjoyed this for dinner last night!

Thought I would share it with you today...let me know if you try it!


1 lb of ground sausage, chicken, turkey or even beef (we use ground chicken)

7 cups of Coleslaw mix

2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce or Coconut Aminos (we use Coconut Aminos)

1 tablespoon of Ginger

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1/2 cup of green onions

For a spicy kick add 1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes!




Cook meat stirring and crumbling until cooked through. 

Stir in Coleslaw mix, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and stir. 

Top with green onions and drizzle with more soy sauce or Coconut Aminos


You can also serve this over cauliflower rice or regular rice if you prefer!

So delish!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Hello Monday!


Hi Friends and Happy Chilly, Dark, Winter Monday!  Trying to remain positive and it is only up from here right?


Here is a look at our cozy little weekend.....


Friday Night


Cass and Laurel joined me as we celebrated Ally's Birthday...I took Ally and Kayla out for dinner to Copper Door and we made it a complete girls' night...such a cozy little time...







Another Date Walk....Another Fave Part of My Week!  21 degrees made it chilly but now that we are bundling up, we have kinda gotten used to it...sad I know!


When we came home, I watched a couple of motivational movies to keep me excited about my health journey (will share those on Friday Faves this week)


After that, I did some running around...brought Diana to ballet...stopped at the butcher...picked Diana up from ballet and then brought her to the gym. 


I met up with Lea for lunch and Rob picked Diana up after the gym and headed out for his haircut. 


We all regrouped at home later in the afternoon and I made us a lovely steak dinner and we watched some movies together  





Daddy and Pidge headed to hockey while Diana and I headed to mass.  Then we all kinda did our own chilling and decompressing at home.  


Remi has been getting TONS of love :)


He is also enjoying some toys from the Fournier Girls and the Mazzoranas!


Rob got the groceries done for us and we snuck in another date walk BUT this time we had a guest...Remi enjoyed his first walk in the neighborhood!  (Truth be told, he is still very little and gave up half way through- we knew that was possible but how can you get mad?  He is just too cute!  Daddy carried him home the rest of the way) ;)



Later on, it was more movies and another cozy dinner at home......


We are all very excited for Pidge as she heads back to school today!  IN SCHOOL...yeah!  Diana returns to the hybrid schedule so she will be able to go Tuesday and Thursday this week....we are getting there!


 She is not TOO excited ;)

Wishing you all much health and happiness this week XO 



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