Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Watermelon, Feta and Blackberry Bites

Are you looking for a red, white and blue dish to bring to a get together this weekend?  Have you been assigned an appetizer for the neighborhood Memorial Day Cookout?  Well, friends, look no further!  I have got you covered.  

I have been making this little dish for the last three years.  It is the first app I whip together because it is easy, it is it gets me in the summer spirit stat!

Guess what?  It only takes 3 (and sometimes 4 ingredients) and I will explain!


1 small watermelon, cut into 1" cubes
6 oz. of Feta cheese, cut into 1" cubes
Fresh Ripe Firm Blackberries
Mint leaves, chopped (optional)
Toothpicks or Small Skewers

Skewer watermelon chunks, feta and blackberries
(Optional: slip a piece of mint in between the watermelon and feta)
Place on serving platter and store in refrigerator until ready to serve...that's yummy and soooo festive and pretty!  Right?

 (You may also want to dip these little gems in some balsamic glaze- that is another option to give them a little kick- enjoy!)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Recap (Celebrations Edition)

Thank you for all of the prayers and messages.  Rob's surgery is scheduled for 6/7 and I will keep everyone posted.  He is already feeling much better with a change in diet and just the piece of mind!  

So...on to happier things...what a wonderful spring weekend.  Despite the rain, we really enjoyed and it was the perfect weekend for indoor celebrations....

Friday Night

Well....I know I haven't typed these words in awhile and it feels so good....Friday night I crashed at home with the girls...Rob had a gig and we ate dinner, watched some tv and went to bed early....oh and I may have been pinning more patriotic and wonderful ideas on was glorious!


The day started for me at 4:30am.  I kid you not...I couldn't sleep...I was so excited about the Royal Wedding!  I inhaled as many of the wonderful moments as I could....the girls joined me when they woke up too 

My favorite part, of course, were the white roses (one of the lovely tributes to Princess Diana) 

 and I loved this.....

 So beautiful!

So, after the wedding, it was time to bring the girls to my parents and Rob and I headed to Sophie's Bat Mitzvah.  It was a beautiful ceremony and luncheon.....

That night, the after party, was at Black Water Grill and Rob's band played- Beth Ann, Laura and I had a great time celebrating with Jess and Joe (Sophie's parents)

Though I went with the black dress and heels during the day, I threw on a little Lilly with my jeans and flip flops for the after party....


Rob and I headed to Grammy's mass with Papa and then we headed down to meet my parents and the kids and we all headed to Baby Maggie's Christening.  She is such a little beautiful and always so happy!  

After the ceremony in the church, we enjoyed the wonderful reception at Anthony's in Malden....

 My parents :)

Then last night, completely impromptu, Cass and the girls joined us for a quick bite and some fun by the fire was the perfect way to wrap up a wonderful weekend!

What were you up to?

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites (Prayer Request AND Amazon Edition)

Friends, this has been a tough week for us.  Rob got sick last weekend and by Monday morning he was in so much pain and so nauseous that he ended up going to the hospital.  He has to have gallbladder surgery and it will most likely happen next week.  We will know more later today.  (certainly not a favorite)...I just ask you to please send prayers for a successful surgery and healthy and speedy recovery.  I know I can always lean on your for the prayer support.

This week was a blur between hockey, softball, dance, gymnastics, volunteer committments, work, get the picture....I didn't take many fact these are just a few......

Isn't this outfit the cutest?  I saw an ad on FB and it is from a little boutique and Diana and I could not stop giggling when we put it on she played it up for us ;)

My besties and I are in the 90+ Wine Club.  We get a 6 bottle shipment every quarter.  This most recent shipment included this fantastic Rose from France- I love it.  I have enjoyed it so far with a chicken burger and strawberry caprese salad and then this week, I enjoyed it with grilled pork and mango salsa- delish!

A few memes...and they may just be some heartbreakers...killer!

 Obsessed...keep looking at this on Pottery Barn is down to $79...if it comes down even further, you may just find this in our yard this summer ;)

Just another night at the softball field....and we got sneak in some quality time with some of our favorite peeps :)

and thankful for Auntie Janie always...she is always there when Mama needs her AND always spoiling the littles..this week it was munchkins and they were none too pleased!

and my girls are obsessed with Kali Flanigan so when we are at hockey, Diana takes a million pictures of her...she is one of Eva's coaches and part of the 2018 Olympic Women's Hockey Team AND she is the sweetest thing ever!!

and because I am trying to keep busy and stay occupied....and trying not to worry about my hubby....I thought I would share some of my FAVORITE AMAZON PRIME PURCHASES as of it goes......

Colon Cleanse 

RX Bars

 Scrub Daddy- Best sponges ever- they were even on Shark Tank!

Enough Said

 Self Tanning Spray- the best I have ever used!

Tic Spray- one of the worst winters ever leaves a curse during the following summer- get your tic spray peeps- we found one on Eva's leg after being in the yard and on Diana's head after softball- eek!  I am obsessed now and this one seems to be doing the trick!

Truffle Honey- just delish and the perfect addition to an appetizer or cheese board 

There ya have it....hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Linking up for Friday Favorites HERE

Oh....and this is one thing we will be doing this about you??????

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