Friday, April 3, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Day in the Quarantine Life

It is a challenge right now to keep some normalcy in our daily lives, however, I have found that structure and routine really help, now and even during our "normal lives"...thought I would share how we have been doing quarantine life....keep in mind...we are staying calls and meetings happen at different times.... and when there is sunshine we try to steal a walk outside...sometimes Rob or I have to run to the store for a few things...during all of this, I am striving to have a positive mental attitude, keep my faith and show strength....


My alarm goes off (that is really kind of late for me- usually I am up between 4 and 5 to either hit the gym or get on the road for the office but I have a little extra time right now so 6 am it is)

I head downstairs to my office...put on an uplifting show On Demand or movie (typically a love story) and get to work (exercise) on my new spin bike


I am at my desk with my coffee, doing my devotionals, catching up on blogs and blogging and then  getting to work. Rob gets up and gets going 

8:00 am 

We wake the girls up for breakfast and then they start their school work by 8:30 

8:30am- 12:00pm
Is School Work and Our Work- Rob has been doing most of the supervision with the school work but we do divide and conquer.  My work focus has been more on reach outs to clients and candidates to see how they are managing during this is stressful for all of us but I am trying to move forward the best way I know how  

12:00 Noon

Quick lunch break and then back at it

12:30-3:00 pm
Work and School Work and sometimes the school work has to be finished up after dinner- Eva is usually done before 3 but Diana, being in 6th grade, has much work.  It is challenging but we are so grateful for our school district - they are ensuring that our kids do not fall behind during this time!

3:00-6:00 pm

While we continue doing work, I also start dinner.  Meal planning has been even more helpful during these times

Here is our menu this week:

Monday- Grilled Steak Tips, Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday- Roasted Turkey Breast, Green Beans, Smashed Potatoes and Homemade Apple Sauce

Wednesday- Chicken Quesadillas with Celery and Carrotts

Thursday- Breakfast for Dinner- Eggs, Sausage, Toast and Berries

Friday- Make Your Own Pizzas again! 

During this time, the girls have enjoyed taking their virtual dance and voice has really made a difference and has helped to keep the spirits up!

Here is what that schedule looks like:

Monday- Diana Ballet 4:15pm-5:00pm and Voice 5:00pm -5:45pm

Tuesday- Diana Pointe 4:15pm-5:00pm 

Wednesday- Eva Ballet 3:00pm-3:45pm and Diana Ballet 4:00p -5:00pm (This week her class was taught by the pros who have danced in our Nutcracker!  Sterling Baca and Nayara Lopez from PA Ballet taught her class last night and she was over the moon excited! Rob and I tried to crash the class but we got kicked out- not sure why? Ha!)

Thursday- Diana Jazz 3:15 pm-4:00pm and Tap 4:00pm-4:45pm 

Since Diana dances more than Eva, we let Eva be on electronics during this time

Each night, we all get free time.  The girls will play together or watch a movie or play on electronics...chatting with friends...etc

Rob and I have been enjoying The Office.  We started at the beginning and we are watching it all over again.  It is helping us to laugh during this crazy time.  (Did you hear about John Krasinski's and Steve Carell's new initiative?  They started a YouTube channel called SGN which stands for "Some Good News".  They are sharing good news and funny memories from the office and helping us all to take a break from COVID- 19 and all the sad news around us)

At night, I have also taken some time out to do Face Time  and Zoom calls with different friends and that has really helped to lift spirits too :)  

Tina always makes us laugh so stomach hurt this week from laughing so hard...girl's got talent


Time for the girls to go to bed


Proud to say I am still hitting the hay nice and early!

This is us...during quarantine...keeping it real...just trying to are you holding up friends?  

Monday, March 30, 2020

Hello Monday and Hello Week 3 of Quarantine

Hi Friends....hope you are all hanging in there...staying healthy...staying safe and finding some joy in the midst of social distancing...

For me... a true extrovert...I am having a really hard addition to not having my social connections...everything I knew...all the joy I found in life...has been ripped away....

I can't go into the office....I can't go to church...I can't go to the gym....I can't watch Eva play hockey and I can't watch Diana dance....I can't go to the beach...or the golf course....and I can't see my friends or colleagues...yikes...didn't want to start a Monday like this...feeling sorry for myself....but that is just where I am right now...and I want to look back and remember this...or do I really? my mission in life is to "Follow The Joy"...I am trying....for my kids and my husband...and putting on a brave is what our weekend looked like.....

Friday Night

 We wound up our work-from-home and home- schooling for the week and made homemade pizzas...the girls were so excited about this all week long and I was so proud of how hard they worked on them AND ate them after FTW!  :)

A local ice cream shop in Bedford NH, called "The Inside Scoop" was also running a special promotion.  You could get a quart of ice cream and four toppings for $18 and the proceeds were going to the Nurses of NH.  We were in!  I picked up this fun dessert and we indulged after dinner Friday night.  Papa Bob even joined us and we had some laughs :)  P.S.Their ice cream was SO GOOD!

After that, Mama and Daddy joined some friends for a "Virtual Couples Block Party" compliments of Zoom :)  Boy did we have some laughs...I got a kick out of the guys coming in and out...seems like the ladies are the only ones who can stay on screen and chat for a long time- ha!

It was encouraging for me to hear about business from some business leaders I really respect...though it is challenging right now...everyone is pushing forward and knows that our economy will bounce back and very quickly when it does!  Keeping the faith!


We got lots of outdoor time since the weather was cooperating.  Daddy and Papa Bob took the hockey rink down and made some trips to the transfer station to purge some things in the garage.  The girls played so much outside and enjoyed some sidewalk chalk....

 and I took the girls for a walk to the golf course....very depressing when we got to the entrance....

So...until we meet again my friend....

After this, the girls stayed outside and I watched one of my favorite movies, Mrs. Doubtfire...I laughed and cried....later on we had takeout...we are trying to support one local business per week...this week it was Jocelyn's Mediterranean of Salem.  It did not disappoint...and we all ate our dinner and watched the Triple Threat show from last summer...I always cry when I watch Diana as Matilda...but they are happy tears so there's that!


It was a great day to get some indoor projects done because it was rainy and cold outside.  The girls did a great job cleaning their rooms and Daddy caught up on laundry.  I continued my closet project and made the most progress I have....put together several bags for donations!

 After groceries and meal planning, I made us a yummy chicken dinner and then we stopped by our church and brought some donations for the Shepard's Pantry- they are running low on different supplies and we wanted to do our part.

and I may have played around with Google's new 3D feature...we laughed so hard....

We wrapped up our weekend by driving to Freemont (about 30 minutes away) and enjoying a holiday light show (at 51 Pond Lane).  This family who does a holiday light show each December, decided to turn the lights back on and bring some joy to folks during this difficult time.  My bestie Jill knows how much I love Christmas and lights and sent me the did not disappoint.  It brought us some joy and lifted our spirits for sure!

We also got to tune into 88.5 and enjoy the light show set to cool!

Hope you all stay healthy and strong this week...we are determined to! 

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Favorites (Quarantine Week 2 Edition)

Like all of you, our worlds have been turned upside down...we are trying to figure this all out...trying to calm ourselves and stay healthy but it is not easy....I am praying this passes quickly...that our kids can return to school this school year and that business will pick up is all we can do...pray and have hope and faith

Sharing the glimpses of joy I captured this week...for what is is worth....

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