Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday Talk: Fall Fashion Essentials Edition

Hi Everyone!  It is time for another fun linkup with Ashley and Erika.  Linking up HERE

Tuesday Talk is the linkup when we can talk about anything we want...and so this month I am talking "Fall Fashion Essentials" not because I have all the answers but because I need some help from YOU!  Sure I have a few suggestions and a few faves to share but I need help on where to go for some different pieces and affordable looks...so here goes nothing!

Some of my Fall "Must Haves" include.....

Leopard Ballet Flats

 Find them HERE

Leopard Pumps

 Find them HERE

Black distressed Jeans

 Find them HERE

 Fatigue/Olive Jacket

Find it HERE

Plaid Blanket Scarf

Find it HERE

Puffer Vests

Find it HERE

Camel Accessories

Find it HERE

Now...I am looking for a flattering and tailored long black sweater to pair with some black leather leggings....where do you suggest I go?  I have struck out thus far!

I am also looking for some cute and casual fall tops...floral prints...stripes....and I haven't been wow'd by anything I have seen....any suggestions?

Lastly, some of my favorite fall scents include Calvin Klein Euphoria, Chloe de Roses and Burberry Weekend....any other fall scents that  you recommend? 

Thank you in advance for your recommendations!  As you know I gain so much inspiration from all of you :)  Happy Fall!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Weekend Recap (Screemfest Edition)

Hi Friends and Happy Monday!!!

Though most of my weekend was spent volunteering, we managed to sneak in some awesome QT with our fam and friends too!

Here is what it looked like.....

Friday Night

Lea and I headed up to Concord High School to set up for the big cheer competition.  Though Diana doesn't cheer anymore, I am still on the board and finishing out my term in December.  It was a wild 5 years- so much work and so much fun but everything has a season.  It is time to walk away and let some newer peeps get involved.  I don't regret this time- I met some wonderful people and got to help build an amazing organization but I am very happy to wrap things up at this point.  So...Daddy held down the fort at home and ushered Diana to and from dance and then helped the girls to make their own pizzas for dinner...squished my heart!


I was back up at Concord High School at 6:15 and ready to work.  I had to volunteer until 2 and was assigned to team check ins.  Time did go by pretty quickly...snapped a pic to remember where I was this weekend ;)

While I was here, Daddy was covering yet again- to and from Nutcracker Rehearsal to Eva's soccer game and pictures and he snuck a few pics to show me what I was missing :)

When I got home, I crashed...I was WIPED so I took a little nap and then prepared for dinner at Beth Ann's....whipped up some bacon wrapped shrimp and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies..."BA" and Matt had us all over for a cozy Fall dinner and it was just what the doctor ordered...quality time catching up...talking business and the job market (my fave) and having some laughs...the girls had a ball and Eva especially loved playing with their dog Teddy :)


Well I should call this one "Sunday Funday"...it was finally time to catch up with my little fam...Daddy was a saint and brought Diana to CCD early while Eva and I slept in which never happens...I slept until 9:30!  I couldn't believe it...ahhhh...Cheer literally sucks the life out of you and I really don't miss it...sorry did I say that?  ha ha!!!

We spent the morning snuggling and watching Hallmark Harvest Romance movies and got organized a bit while Daddy did some yard work.  Then Diana and I got ready for a fun night with our peeps at Screemfest at Canobie Lake Park.   

Screemfest is a Fall attraction that the folks at a local amusement park created- such an awesome idea and brings them so much business during the weekends in fall.  During the day, it is all about Oktoberfest food, drinks, music, etc and they keep most rides open.  At night, it turns into a Haunted Wonderland with scary characters walking around and a few haunted attractions like different themed haunted houses and corn mazes....this year was our best time by far....Diana and I agreed on the way home...we got the most out of it...she rode several rides and Mama got to do some haunted houses for the first time...we had an absolute ball with the best company ever!  Check it out.....

Pumpkin Beer FTW!

They also put on some awesome spooky shows on the stage!

and they wind the night down with the "Parade of Horribles" where all of the characters parade down to the entrance and have a dance party with the patrons- so cute!

It ended up being a great little....cozy weekend....and Screemfest was a definite highlight!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

Praise God Friday....even though it is a weekend mostly of work for me...I still love you!
Linking up with the lovely ladies HERE
and HERE

Here are some faves from this week....and get ready for a SUPERSIZE edition :)

 FAVE MEMEs of the Week

Dependable Fall Recipes

This thing shows up everywhere...I wonder why...ha ha!!!!

 and I shared some more winners on Wednesday when we talked Recipe Sharing and Meal Prepping HERE

Fall Fun

Have checked off these Bucket List Items: Fall Decorating, Apple Picking, Risotto Night, Jack O Lantern Journey, The Milford Pumpkin Festival and Daddy's Apple Pie

Making caramel apple martinis is another fall fave and I made them for Cass and then again for my parents this past weekend (their request!)

The Beach

ANY time of year...so glad I got some more time at the ocean last weekend....even if it was only an hour...brings me such peace 

Eva's Activities

It's all about hockey, soccer and dance right now and she makes me smile with whatever she is doing!

Target Earrings

Oh Target....when did you get so amazing in the accessories department?  Some friends told me to check out their earrings...I am just sorry I waited so long...check these out!  $12 FTW! 


SNL as always but especially the Kavanaugh Hearing Skit with Matt Damon...on point...hysterical...not to bring up politics here but it was very funny :)

Hallmark Channel

YES!  You know I love me some Hallmark ALL CHRISTMAS SEASON LONG...BUT...I finally got into the Fall Harvest Romance movies too...so cozy and full of many romantic things...can't help myself...I am a goner...have you checked them out yet?


So I can't believe I haven't shared my love for this group (I recently joined) until now....MOPs has been a great experience...helps me to open up my mind...not judge as much....love more...make more of an effort and definitely leave my comfort zone

 What is MOPs?

This is how they describe themselves.....

"We build circles of moms who love each other like family. Women around the world are starting MOPS groups in churches, hospitals, YMCAs, homes, coffee shops, correctional facilities and on military bases, and profound things are taking place.
Our gatherings are where moms can meet to share their hopes, fears and insights, in a format that works with their schedules, that doesn’t neglect their faith nor their womanhood, their motherhood nor their purpose, their heart nor their mind. We provide you the resources to join a group, start your own, or become a member."

My favorite part, so far, has been praying for each other and supporting each other.  This morning we are doing some yoga during the meeting...great way to start my day before my work day starts!

I find this group to be inspiring...Christian based but really non-denominational....a place where I can learn and grow and try and get even closer to God and I am thankful...it is a definite fave!

Breakfast with Jilly
Never enough time...we never run out of things to talk about...celebrating her successful 10K and catching up in general...priceless...and if you haven't tried it and you are local, you must bop on over to Windham Junction- awesome breakfast- especially outside on a beautiful day!  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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