Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday to Our Little Eva!

Eva, a.k.a Pidge, is 4 today!

To say she has brought such joy to our lives is an understatement.  I always joke and say we should've called her Joy.

She is our sweet girl, the one who completed our family and our sensitive and loving heart.

Today we will celebrate as a fam with pizza and such and then we are getting ready for 2, count em, 2 bday parties- one for her little pals and one for our family and close friends!  She deserves all the celebrating (especially since she has to live with all of us crazies AND because we drag her every where we go!)

We love you Pidge!!  Happy happy Birthday!


Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Favorites (Super Products Edition)

Well....well.......it is Friday....AND....we are headed into our April Vaca Week...can I get a what what???  ha ha!!  Oh I crack myself up...yes sometimes I need help ;)

Linking up, as always, with Erika, Andrea and Narci HERE

Here are some faves from this week....AND an added bonus...an XL Friday Favorites if you will.....as I am including some of my FAVORITE products...woohoo!!!  (Friends...most you can find on Amazon...let me know if you try to find them and can't....I will help you!)

Here goes nothing....

FAVE Products 

(not every favorite product but the ones I have been using most often)

Organic and Aerobic Colon Cleanse

Oh my....this was recommended to me by a massage therapist who is also a detox specialist AND friends?  Incredible!  I lost 5 pounds and can't even tell you the extra energy I have....taking a break and will be starting it again next week and I CANNOT wait...I mean who says that?  Can't wait for a colon cleanse!  Ha ha!!  :)

Hair Gel

I have been using this exact one for the last 10 years- it helps to smooth out the frizz and control the volume of my hair- I apply it to my soaking wet hair...right out of the shower...and then I brush it through before my hair is blow dryed!

Hawaiin Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion

My friend Laurel suggested this lotion when we were in Florida and I concur!  It goes on like silk...smells heavenly and helps to keep my skin fairly moisturized after the sun OR more recently, my spray tans!


Oh...this one is a gem....my BFF suggested this one and the next product...Peter Thomas Roth is on point with his skincare products...I love the smell of citrus with this and it just reminds me that it is chalk full of Vitamin C and such a rich moisturizer! I apply this one mostly at night because of how thick it is

Tinted Moisturizer

Yep..another one suggested by my BFF and another hit by Peter Thomas Roth..seriously friends?  Nothing better...this one totally helps to not only moisturize but even out your skin tone when you have some sun on the skin or a spray tan...it is a nice alternative to foundation especially during the hot summer months!

 "Poo-Potpourri" Spray

An uncomfortable topic but friends take my word for it...especially if you are taking a trip with friends and sharing a bathroom.  You spray this once above the toilet before you do your business and the scents are trapped and flushed away...no joke...give it a shot...hysterical but effective!

Insulated Wine Cups

and finally the wine cups....so there are several brands on the market. I got the Sassy Cups for my friends and then personalized them with glitter initial stickers when we went to FLA.  There are some other recommended brands too.....Swig and Corcicle among others.  Friends?  They literally keep your beverages cold for HOURS...I am talking 4....6...8 hours....it is unreal and SO SO perfect for the pool...beach....boat...great investment!

The Lorax

What a cute show and Diana had a ball participating- definite highlight of the week!

Eva's Godmother Alice came over this week to give me her recommendations in Wells, Maine...places to hike..things to do and restaurants to eat at....yeah! She has a home up there and we are going with the Batsons for our April Vacation trip. Eva loved getting in a squeeze and we enjoyed catching up and laughing!


Well this week, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a heated class at Drive...107 degrees to be exact...it was SO HARD...but I felt so great after and really felt like I accomplished something...I suckered my friends into taking an ugly post-class picture in the mirror- ha ha!!


Not only any tulips...tulips from my Janie for making another big placement....and the red is just so vibrant and exactly what our home needed for a little pop!


Enough Said

Gearing Up For Hockey

I can't take it!

Favorites Memes of the Week!

Favorite Eats of The Week

Give me all of the chicken tacos....

and the apps at Copper Door...this new one...The Scallop and Creamed Corn Dish...was to die for!

Long Overdue and Much Needed Date Night

Ahhh....pure bliss!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!  I will be back some time next week...after a much needed break!  If you are looking for me in the meantime, I will be consuming as much fresh seafood as humanly possible.....walking on the beach and shopping with some of my favorite peeps of all time!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

NEDE's 2018 Performance of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

Diana danced in NEDE's annual production of The Lorax this past Monday.  The kids got to perform several times throughout the day as they toured local elementary schools.  She had a ball!  She was one of the Barbaloots (Baby Bears).

Rob and I snuck into the performance that was first thing Monday morning at an elementary school in Londonderry and we snapped a couple of pics and got a short video of part of the finale -it was such a cute show and an awesome experience!

(1st picture of Diana's BFF's little sister Charlotte as "The Child")

and the end of the finale....

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2018 Performance Awards at LDA

Each year, at Londonderry Dance Academy, they hold an event called "Performance Awards." It is a day when students at all ballet levels in the studio perform duets and solos and get critiqued and scored by judges from all over the world; judges from the American Academy of Ballet.

This was Diana's first time participating and it was such a thrill.

Though our families came to watch her perform, they all left after her personal performance.  Mama stayed for the entire day and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the different levels of dance.  

We were so proud of Diana.  She earned gold level status and she was the only one at her level (Level2) to achieve this.  In fact, the judges explained that they usually do not award gold levels at Level 2 but they had to make an exception for her- yes- completely overwhelming and as you can imagine, there were many tears.  I snapped some pics and video'd her performances (please forgive the fact that she is cut out in half of the videos as I could barely see through the tears) :)

Oh...the anticipation...

On Cloud 9!

Mrs. Mullen (in the teal) with her senior level dancers and one of the judges who flew in from Tel Aviv just for the day!

and for the live action....

and her solo performance....

So proud of our little monkey!!
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