Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Weekend Recap

It was the perfect weekend for being inside and getting me out of my winter slump.   We kept busy and spent lots of quality time with family and friends.

Friday Night

I headed to the high school to set up for our Wolverines Awards Ceremony which was happening on Saturday. Last year we could not get into the high school the night before so it was a mad dash to get everything done early Saturday morning.  This year, we had more helpers and got the place set up so quickly.  It worked out really well and the auditorium looked amazing.  Wish I had taken more pics- snapped a few of my side kick and me.


This was the big day.  I had to be at the high school for the three ceremonies from 8am-7pm.  Long but successful day.  Due to managing the event, I did not snap pics- boo.   

While I was working, Daddy took the girls to Diana's basketball game and then to a family birthday party.  We divided and conquered!

I was in tears most of the day- youth sports will do that to you right?

During a break, I walked down the hallway towards the locker rooms to see if a certain picture was still in the football case on the wall and I was so happy to see it was.  It was a black and white picture that Rob took of the very first football captains at WHS- Zach was one of them.  I snapped a pic to show them later.  I also spotted the trophy  that is awarded to the top volunteer and fan of the football season- Marion and I won it in 2012 and it was a special way to go out as Zach graduated.

I am able to share Diana's team video here.  It was made by Lindsay and it is incredible- I can't watch it without crying- not sure how long it will last here because Youtube is so strict, etc but enjoy it while it's here :)  Just click on the link

 After the ceremonies, I headed home to get the girls ready for bed.  Rob was playing a private party.  Once the girls were asleep, I heated up my dinner which was another Keto win- Chicken and Artichoke Piccata.  Check out the recipe HERE . Lea and I were texting back and forth and she ended up coming over for wine and catch up- perfect way to decompress after a long day!


It was time for mass, grocery shopping and organizing but not before Daddy got the girls the perfect snowflake donuts. 

Later on, I hit the movies with some besties and went to see I, Tonya.  It was Tonya Harding's story and it was incredible- the acting was brilliant and the story so sad.  We all walked out having sympathy for her and understanding so much more.  I heard the movie won at least one Golden Globe last night too- well deserved.  

After the movies, I headed home to make dinner and I had another Keto win with the "Fat Head Pizza Crust".  Check out the recipe HERE 

I topped mine with some Keto marinara sauce, sauteed onions, Monterrey jack and ricotta- it was delish!

Productive and fun winter weekend...what were you up to?


Kristi Griedl said...

What a fun weekend! I love how involved you are with all the school happenings :) I'm glad the banquet went so well!

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