Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites (September 9, 2016)

I can't believe it is already that time- I guess that is what a holiday week does right?

Time to link up with Erika, Narci and Andrea HERE 

Here are my favorites of this week....

Putting together our Turf Fundraiser and getting fun ideas for decorations....masquerade theme

Now I know the above picture just looks like a dead plant to you but I have to tell you- I LOVE this beach grass- even though it is the end of the season and it is turning brown, it reminds me of the dunes at the beach...I know kinda crazy

These nuggets....that's all

 Pidge- her first dance class- her squishiness- Pidge right now

Ladies Who Lunch

Waiting for the bus and admiring ALL of those backpack charms

No golf this week but had to snap this pic on my daily walk and send it to the golf gals- love golf- playing soon with a fall cocktail- caramel apple martinis

 The Ice Cream Social- here are my two helpers- gotta love PTA events

and one last birthday celebration- kind of embarrassed to even post it- 43 was a heck of a celebration week!  Love my friends and fam
My friends who were away last weekend took me out last night but we always run out of time so we went back to our house and opened the Silver Oak...could talk to these ladies these our wine...and love the selfies!!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!  We have a weekend full of parties and cheer...oh and more cheer!  


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