Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday (3 Things I cannot live without)

Hi friends, I had a WONDERFUL Birthday/Labor Day Weekend!  How about you?
Stay tuned for my birthday post and a giveaway tomorrow!

Today, I am linking up with Andrea HERE 
for Show and Tell Tuesday- this time, we are talking about our 3 favorite things!

How can you limit it to just 3 though?

I could never live without my 3 favorite people

Robby B


and Eva

If we are talking work, I have to say I am so so grateful for the balance I have been allowed.  The balance doesn't come easy and I completely depend on these three things to make it happen

My Phone

My Laptop

 and most importantly, my Guardian Angel Janie who provides me with daily wisdom and humor

and if we are talking items we consume?
 Mine would be


Wine (specifically Cabernet)

and Shellfish (seriously I should've been a mermaid)

and clothing items would have to be

Any Lilly Dress- they bring me pure happiness
Where there is Lilly, there is joy

Gold wedges to go with all of my Lilly pieces

and a basic white tee shirt that goes with EVERYTHING

Well that's my 3- in various categories- this was fun!
Again stay tuned for my Birthday post tomorrow and a fun giveaway- woohoo!


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