Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My 43rd Birthday Celebration Weekend!

I would call this my 43rd birthday celebration but friends, seriously, I celebrated starting on Wednesday and truly celebrated all LONG weekend long!

This was one of my favorite birthdays ever.

I was constantly surrounded by family, friends, cheerleaders and such and I truly felt grateful for all of the love that was poured on me!

This was the first day of school and as you already read, some of my new friends surprised me and Lisa with a birthday cake which was amazing- my favorite supermarket birthday cake- yellow with white buttercream frosting

 Wednesday Night
My little cheerleaders were all wishing me a big Happy Birthday and agreed to pose for a nice picture that I will have forever

After mass, I came home to a wonderful surprise from Cass.  She left a gift and beautiful card at the front door.  She knows my taste and got me a beautiful stone cheese board during one of her trips
(she dropped it off before she took off for the weekend)

Later, my Guardian Angel and colleague, Janie came over for lunch so we could celebrate both of our birthdays.  Hers is 8/28 and mine is 9/3.  We are going to make our celebration an annual thing.
We had so many laughs and she loved spending time with the girls (finally).  As Diana said, "she is already family." My sentiments exactly- special time spent with someone I feel like I have already known my entire life
We had to celebrate with cake as well- if you are counting, this is cake #2

Saturday (My Actual Birthday)
Was an amazing day!  I actually have to say that it goes down as one of my best and favorite birthdays ever.  It is the kind of day I always hoped for growing up and it actually happened this year.

It started with the family all piling in the car and heading to Eva's first gymnastics class at Gym Ken.
She RAN there actually-she was so excited.
We are getting a kick out how well adjusted she is and how she is totally independent.  I guess dragging her around to all of Diana's activities the past few years has paid off!

She was just precious.  We snapped some pics and my friend Karen, whose daughter Sophie will be in school with Eva, got the cutest video.  We met through MOMS club too- gotta love Windham MOMS Club!

Rob then surprised me with a bottle of my favorite wine- Silver Oak Cabernet- as he told me, "save it for a special night with friends." I indeed will :)

 After that, Lea and I spent the morning at the beach.  I was worried because it looked like it was going to be a little chilly but friends, it....was....perfect.  It was so peaceful and it was awesome to decompress and catch up.  

 She gave me the most beautiful "Blessing Bracelet."
It is a bracelet with four beads- every day you are to name one thing you are thankful for as you touch each bead- is this perfect for me or what?  Living a Life of Gratitude

 After the beach, we grabbed the perfect lunch- steamers and chowder at Brown's- we even scored a seat outside on the deck (which has never happened for me!) Our perfect lunch was topped off with our bottle of KJ

 After lunch we headed home so we could rest up for the birthday night.

That night, Rob invited a few of our closest friends over and he made dinner!  He did such a great job- warms my heart!

We enjoyed apps first-cheese and crackers (on the new cheese board Cass got me), shrimp and strawberry salsa with chips

 Jess made an amazing sangria that had mango, pear, apples, ginger and basil in it- delish!

The main course was Teriyaki Chicken and Rice in Pineapples- Rob said the most work was carving the pineapples- they were beautiful and delish!

 and then anyone who knows my friend Beth Ann, knows she is one of the best bakers around.  She actually made a birthday cake for me.  It came out PERFECT!  She made an Italian almond wedding type cake- it was beautiful AND so so delicious.  So so so special!  My heart is just bursting. (Yes as my family reminded me, cake #3!)

We enjoyed dinner and then things got really fun when we played a crazy card game called "Scr... Your Neighbor"
The champagne was flowing...the guys were getting competitive and we got silly...such a fun friends spoiled me


It was time to celebrate with my family right?
Mama took me for a delicious breakfast at Tuscan Market- we enjoyed the egg white frittatas and she surprised me with some birthday gifts- then we headed back to our house for the day.  Papa Pete met us there and Kayla and Marshall joined us as well.
We snacked on apps and then Birthday Cake #4!  I know- it sounds obnoxious!
My mom made one of my favorite cakes of all time- Peppermint Angel Food Cake- so pink- so girly-reminds me of a ballerina every time- we had a great time!

Monday, Labor Day, we enjoyed a family day of organization and cooking for our dear friend who just lost her dad.  It was quality family time and a "down day" that we all desperately needed!

I can't tell you how grateful I am for my "village." They celebrated me and I couldn't be happier.  43 will always stand out to me!  I am sure you can see why.....

and NOW it is giveaway time!
Who does not enjoy a massage?  
I want one of my dedicated readers to treat themselves to a little me time.  Enjoy a massage.
All you have to do is post a blog comment telling me what one of your favorite birthdays was and why and follow me on Facebook!  See how easy I am making it?  One random winner will be chosen on September 14th- good luck!


Kayley said...

My celebrations are usually pretty tame - typically just having a family dinner. One year we went to the Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills and it was delicious.

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