Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Binda Breton Trip to Walt Disney World 2012

My parents aka "Mimi and Papa" have been saving and planning a very special trip to Walt Disney World in
Orlando, FL for quite some time.  We just got back and I am blogging about it while everything is fresh in my mind.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime and only complete with our family jokes an inconveniences that we can laugh about now!

At Logan Airport in Boston on Sunday

Monkey loves flying...especially when a portable DVD player is included

My parents made every piece of the trip a true luxury, including a driver for every trip to and from each airport...I tried to snag a picture of the Magic Kingdom as we were being driven through

We got to stay at The Grand Floridian- truly the best of the best- Disney's most prestigious resort...right int he park...right on the monorail AND Diane Binda decides to sign up for the concierge service so we truly lived in the lap of luxury with extra name it BUT Diana truly appreciated this piece the most...hysterical!

 Diana and Papa Pete got pins that celebrated their FIRST EVER trip to WDW!
 Here is Diana and Papa enjoying one of the concierge services

Our very first concierges who gave us the big intro- Jerry and Jerry- no joke- they were great!

Mickey was waiting for us when we got into our rooms :)

Once we checked in, we headed right over to Epcot to hit the greatest things for a 4 year old- Mimi really did her research!  Everything we hit was perfect- first stop Finding Nemo and second stop Turtle Talk with Crush- both a big hit with the Monk

After the shows, we bumped into Goofy (as you can see, Diana DID NOT want her picture taken with him)

After the shows, we hit "Mexico" for some margaritas before heading to dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant
 This was my multi-colored, neon cocktail- pretty cool

A big hit?  Monk's autograph book.  Although she was afraid of several of the characters, she got up the nerve to collect a few choice autographs

The Magic Kingdom was on our itinerary for Day #2 and it did not disappoint!

Is there anything more charming than Main Street USA?

The character breakfast (with the princesses) at the Royal Castle was just WONDERFUL...Diana was in awe

Princess Ariel in the flesh!

and Princess "Jasmint" of course ;)
 Princess Aurora

How do you like Papa's sweatshirt?  We had to buy some warmer clothes because it was surprisingly chilly in FLA!

One of our favorite things that happened was something completely unplanned.....we bumped into "The Wicked Stepmother and evil stepsisters" from Cinderella...we had some fun..what great we chatted with them and posed for pictures, they really made us laugh!  AND you can't beat this picture

Two Evil Stepmothers ;)

Mimi and the group

Later it was time for the "Bibbity Bobbity Boutique" Diana ATE IT UP...really was truly precious...she got her hair, nails and makeup done..what more could a little girl want?

More Magic Kingdom Pics

Monday night meant dinner at my favorite WDW Restaurant- The California Grill at The Contemporary Resort
It was terrific although we got very bad news during dinner that Hurricane Sandy did a number on our new home.  A large tree fell and crushed our deck, porch and shattered windows and did roof damage- certainly not the news you ever want especially on such a special trip...nevertheless we carried on...what other choice do we have

Back to the grill...

Tuesday morning meant an authentic African breakfast at Boma located at the Animal Kingdom Lodge
Yes...we did eat alot...every day...ha ha!

and was time for Animal Kingdom!

Time for a Face Paint!

and then a Lion King Show- fantastic!

Tuesday night meant The Aloha Luau at Disney's Polynesian Resort- what a great time!
The food was authentic...the show spectacular AND Diana's comedy priceless...she was doing "facepaint" on Papa and Mimi's faces with our left over dessert mousse...yeah Papa wasn't happy which sent Mama and Mimi into silent belly laughs with plenty of tears..ha ha@!!

Wednesday it was time for Hollywood Studios
First a stop at the old fashioned car outside of our hotel

Hollywood Studios

We hit four shows there- Disney Jr, Ariel, Muppet 3D and Beauty and the Beast- all the BOMB- especially according to Diana!

 The Butterfinger Cupcakes at the Starring Rolls Cafe?  EPIC

Halloween Night?  It was time to dress up to Trick-Or-Treat in none other than The Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parade- WOOHOO!

Princess Ariel ready to go!

Batman...who I may add, was in character all night ;)

Mortitia and her Spider Sidekick

The Vampire with Mortitia

Getting to The Kingdom

In the park...power naps....dinner...trick-or-treating and a great, colonial dinner at The Liberty Tree Tavern...oh yes...the big finale...the Not So Scary Parade!

Today we came was a magical time...none of us wanted it to end...thank you thank thank you Mimi and Papa!


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