Saturday, November 10, 2012

WHS Football Team Dinner

So...I have always wanted to be able to host a team dinner for Zach

I used to fantasize (call me crazy) about pulling off a dinner for the entire football team

Fantasy because our house could not accommodate the 75 or so players and coaches
AND I never thought I could pull off

Well...the dream came true last night

Despite the damage (mostly to the exterior) we carried on
The cooking I did for weeks leading up to last night truly paid off

Not only did we have more than enough food...everyone fit comfortably AND most importantly everyone had a BLAST...I had so much fun...I was not stressed...some of my Diehard moms came to help me and they were a God-send and the coaches were the greatest

Going out with a bang...grateful we could give this to Zach and as always could not have pulled this off without the help from my awesome hubby and father-in-law!

Over 35 pounds of pasta including, but not limited to, chicken broccoli and ziti, baked mac and cheese, sausages peppers and onions with vodka sauce over cavatappi, chicken parm and much more


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