Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekly Gratitude (Special Edition- A Month of Thanks November 2012)

Weekly Gratitude

Why not share my "Month of Thanks" posts from my Facebook updates this past month?

I am so thankful for everything and each day in November, I have shared each thing in my Facebook status updates

A Month of Thanks
November 2012

DAY 1       Quality family time spent together in Disney and thankful for my parents who put it all together

DAY 2    Homeowner’s Insurance

DAY 3     A new client- the hard work responding to an RFP one year ago has paid off and feels great

DAY 4 Today I am thankful for the beautiful home we live in and the neighborhood we are located in- truly a dream come true

Day 5- Today I am thankful for my career- this wonderful opportunity and the great people I get to work with-especially grateful for Nicholas Lento and for Elisa Ciardiello

Day 6- Today I am thankful for the freedom to vote

Day 7- Today I am thankful for my girlfriends- so grateful for the deep relationships with them xoxo

DAY 8 Today I am thankful for a warm home with power

DAY 9 Today I am thankful that I did not pass out in boot camp class this morning! Feel great-thanks Alice and Windham Pilates & Wellness Center
DAY 10 Today I am thankful for being able to pull off the WHS Football team dinner despite the hurricane who tried to ruin it all - 65 players , 8 coaches- over 30 pounds of pasta, etc- always wanted to do this for Zach and so happy we were able to and it was a blast!

11th Day of Thanks- Today I am thankful for my in-laws. We are lucky to always have them around and our kids are even luckier! I was blessed with being able to join this family and they love me unconditionally

DAY 12 Today I am thankful for our veterans

DAY 13 Today I am thankful for our awesome team at PS! Caleigh Fitzpatrick Bethany Bigelow Kristen Goodwin and Donald, Melisa, Rosa, Anthony, and of course Kayla Breton and Allison Breton - best staffing team ever!

DAY 14 Today I am thankful for G, J, M and of course Joe who was the biggest help to us this year- thanks for being the center of my world

DAY 15   Today I am thankful for my energy level
DAY 16.   Today I am thankful for the ability to give back

DAY 17 Today I am thankful for Kayla Breton - our beautiful girl- inside and out!

18th Day of Thanks- Today I am thankful for Allison Breton - our love bug- our passionate girl who has always had a special place in my heart

DAY 19 Today I am thankful for Zach Breton - our son- our old soul- I truly treasure my relationship with him and all of his funny stories that he tells :)

DAY 20   Today I am thankful for our little Diana Mary. She always knows how to make us laugh and keep us focused on the important things in life..."Monkey" you have completed my world xoxo

DAY 21   Today I am thankful for you Rob Breton . My rock and my true love- I look forward to the quality time we will be spending together over this Thanksgiving weekend AND very excited to watch my rock star tonight at BWG! Thanks for always being there for me- couldn't do all this without you xoxo

and tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, my status shall read:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Today I am so so thankful to be able to share this day with our parents and extended family.  From breakfast and the Turkey Trot with the kiddos and dinner and laughs in our new home, with our family, there will be nothing better.  So so grateful for it all!


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