Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

It truly was my most favorite Thanksgiving EVER!

First things first- "Tom" goes in the oven at 6:30am :)

We then started with a homemade breakfast of Pumpkin Monkey Bread and Bacon Egg and Cheese Cups with the kiddos (Aaron joined us and Kayla's friend and roommate Kayla joined us- great morning)

Aaron made us a homemade apple pie- so sweet

Then we all headed out to complete our 6tth/7th (we lost count) Windham Turkey Trot!

When we were done, we came back to the house and I got into my drill sargeant mode....everyone rushed to change so we could take our family Christmas Card pictures- a favorite family past time ;)
(We won't be showing the final product here of course)

and the older kiddos headed out to have dinner with their mom and her fam
I rushed around but honestly, I felt I did a great job preparing and for the most part things went smoothly (outside of the toilet breaking at the last minute and Rob and Papa having to rush to get it fixed)

We had a wonderful time hosting Auntie Peggy (my dad's sister), Uncle Bill, Cousing Meaghan, Uncle Larry (my mom's brother), his fiance Ronnie and cousin Kevin, my parents, Rob's parents, Uncle Matt and us

We started with Caramel Apple Cider Martinis and Wine along with my mom's famous stuffed mushrooms, my hot crab dip (didn't like it at all- it was a Paula Deen recipe- WAY too salty), dates, figs and cranberry goat cheese and crackers and an arugula and pomegranate salad

and then for a main event, it was a group effort which made it so doable...everyone made wonderful sides and we all truly endulged

I was very proud of my turkey :)

Our sides included:
Traditional Bread Stuffing and Cornbread and Caramelized Onion Stuffing- both by me
Mashed Potatoes and French Pork Stuffing- by Papa Bob (Papa also cooked another turkey for me which was a god send- we cut it up and served it so we give my turkey to everyone for leftovers!)
Ruth Chris's Sweet Potato Bake and Onions in Cream Sauce by Mimi
Nana's Noodles and Homemade Skillet Cornbread by Ronnie
Green Bean Casserole and Corn Custard by Auntie Peggy
Green Beans with Shallots and Bacon, Butternut Squash Souffle and Fried Corn by me
Plain Cranberry Sauce and Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce with Mandarin Oranges and Cinnamon and rolls- also by me
Gravy by Raymond Turkey Farm

For dessert (though no one really ate it outside of a slice of pie or two):

Mimi's homemade Cheddar Apple Maple Pie and Pumpkin Pie along with her Applesauce Jumbles and Thanksgiving Cutout Cookies (Diana helped with those and did a great job!)

My Pumpkin Bars

Auntie Peggy's Trademark Raspberry Jam Squares and delicious chocolate sandwich cookies

Pumpkin Fudge, Chocolate Caramel Fudge and dangerous!

After dinner, the guys enjoyed the football game in the family room and the ladies chatted in the kitchen

It was perfect...

Later on, I dragged Rob out to wait in line for two hours to get into Target!  It truly made this year complete...

Look at him...he was barely tolerating me ;) ha ha!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did :)


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