Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve at The Blackwater Grill (2012)

So...Rob's band got the coveted "night before Thanksgiving gig" at The Blackwater Grill in Salem, NH

In one word?  BLAST

I was can get VERY crowded and I was hosting 14 people the next day but I couldn't let my hubby down nor the friends who were so excited to see him play

and I am so glad I went!  We had so much fun...and it was great to catch up with friends and Rob's band was FANTASTIC!

Pre-gaming it at home

Once we got there, I hooked up with Elisa and Manny and took fool advantage of The Photo Booth! ha ha....

Then our football friends also joined in on the party
Anita and Mike- love them
 Anita and her sister Caren who flew in from Indianapolis

Big Mike!

 Mike and the Lovely Brenda

Then Bethany and Brent (aka Barbie and Ken joined us)

and the party grew from there....

Kayla and Kayla :)

Mum and Dad

Scott and Scott

Scott and Ellen

Sunglasses at Night!

Me and Laur

Bruce and Jay Yennaco (someone I don't know) and Scott Rogers

Coach Blair and Me

Paul Cocciardi in the house!

and my drivers arrived ;)  Aaron and Ally enjoyed watching me dance for a bit and then it was time to pour me in the car so I could go to bed and get up to GO!

Such a great night


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